Monday, May 30, 2011

Patellar Tendonitis (jumper's knee)

Darn, just as I'm finally on a "maintenance" every 2-3 weeks visit to the physio for MY knee, I took Charlotte (Miss 9yo) this morning to have her knee looked at and diagnosis is Patellar Tendonitis, looks like my weekly (or more) visits to the physio aren't quite over yet! I guess when you do gymastics training 6hrs/week, cheerleading 3hrs/week, play netball a couple of times a week, and a couple of dance classes - something has to give, and two weeks out from our first gym competitions for the season, its her knee - 4 weeks rest (eek!) and see from there, just as bad as being told not to run for four weeks!  I'm hopeful that after a week of complete rest she'll at least be able to carry on conditioning and taking it easy and heal from there.

Thanks for the comments on the privacy thing - now I have to work out how to do it (haven't had any success doing that yet, for a person who's job involves being on a computer all the time, I'm seriously technically backward with this sort of stuff!).

As for running - my best news this past week has been I managed to run two days in a row, first time since January 1/2 when I first hurt my knee, its amazing how good that wee accomplishment felt! I ran a really easy 5km on the treadmill one day and then a harder, faster 8km the day after - and all was well.  Stupid knee still isn't quite right, but getting better all the time.  Enough so that the physio said today to really push myself in the half marathon I'm planning on running in a couple of weeks as afterwards will be a really good indication on how the body is holding out before I start training for the Auckland Marathon pretty much straight after that.

I've invested in a heartrate monitor and the numbers are really interesting - as is trying to be VERY disciplined with the long slow distances and keeping my heartrate low for those runs.  Hopefully I'm learning to train a lot smarter which will keep me running, and running better in the future!

... and yeah, London report, still to come ...

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Why hello there! Yes I'm still here, I've run the London Marathon (4:25 - yay!) ... and should have updated here.

One of the reasons I've got very slack at updating my blog is I started getting the feeling that all sorts of people, from all parts of my life, were reading it. Which would be fine - but it made me too conscious of what I was sharing, I'm a pretty private person at the best of times and don't always want "everybody" to know what strange stuff goes on in my head - but I also don't want to sugar coat my blog, I wanted it to be an honest, feelings out there, time to reflect, place I could look back on kind of place.

Not everyone gets it, gets how hard it is, to keep running, keep eating right etc - some people I get the feeling have a slight "tall poppy" feelings towards my success at sometimes winning the continous battle.

Anyway - because I want this to be a diary, plus a place I can get ideas and thoughts from like minded people, I'm going to (when I work out how) make it more private, and by request to read it. That way I can feel more comfortable with the info I put out there.

I think if you let me know via the comments I can invite you? It'll suck big time if I don't get any response won't it? LOL