Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Sleeps

Two sleeps until we get on the big aeroplane and begin our journey to London ... the quick part of the journey, the huge journey has taken two years - but I'll reflect on that some other time!

I've trained as much as I possibly could, not nearly as much as I'd like, but definitely as much as I could. I count myself lucky, yes, lots of stupid niggling injuries - well, really just one, a very tight ITB which has caused countless other problems. But we've managed it, and I'm going to line up at the starting line with two 20 mile training runs done, a reasonable half marathon done ... and a body full of anti-inflammatries!

It will be a slower marathon than my first one a year ago, it will probably be more painful - but wow, the experience of running *the* London Marathon should make up for all of that, I plan to enjoy it - I'm so lucky to have the opportunity, and so lucky to have what seems to be a strong, quick healing body.

I have to share my physio love - I couldn't have done this without him and his great attitude - our conversation at my last session this week went something like this -

Me: Thank you so much for all your hardwork.
Him: Well, I think you did all the hard work really, my part was pretty easy.
Me: But really, thank you for not ever rolling your eyes and telling me I was nuts and should just not do it.
Him: That's okay, I know how I'd feel if I was in the same position.

and that bolded part is why he has been so good - he runs, he loves to run, he understands, he understood this was a huge event and not one to give up on ... that makes such a huge huge difference.

I'll probably still do some work with him when I come back - they are getting equipment so they can analysise gait etc, plus once I've had time to rest and hopefully get rid of all the niggles we'll work on what to do to make sure they don't happen again - work on prevention, rather than the continual "band-aiding" we've been doing.

S0 - this is it ... one dance costume to finish, lists to write out for the kids who are fending for themselves (Mr 19yo will be head supervisor), packing to do, a couple of small runs ... and we are off!


  1. Lisa, you are an inspiration! I hope everything goes well for you. :)