Monday, November 9, 2009

The magic number 6

Lately the number 6 has been on my mind. 6 minute kms is what I want to achieve (maybe less than 6) for most of my runs, not my long runs so much, I know they need to be slower, but for my short-medium runs. Number 6 is what I want the first number on the scale to be, and its getting closer!

The first one, the one where I run about 6min kms is happening! 8km on Saturday, 47:11 - 11km yesterday, 1:05:30 ... and both runs I wasn't pushing it hard to make that pace, it was just happening, yay me! Both runs have been hard, definitely a bit of a push, but definitely not the feeling like I'm pushing myself more than I should be ... I definitely couldn't keep up that pace for a half marathon, yet ... but I'm confident that eventually I will be able to, maybe not by December, maybe not before the marathon, but definitely in the future :)

... and the scales? I'm probably still a kg off hitting the 60's, but oh so close, if I can just keep myself on track for the rest of the week, I might not make it this week - but should in the next couple of weeks ... it has been at least 15years since I weighed in the 60's :)

So what have I run this week?

Wednesday 4/11 - 9.5km - 56:28

When I run my 10km block, I start down a different road than normal, of course I forgot to turn that way, so ended up only running 9.5km, I was really annoyed because I'm pretty sure I would have broken that 60min. Not that it matters that much, it was a good run :)

Thursday 5/11 - 8.5km - 56:36

Maungatooks day! I made it running all the way to the top again ... hard work, but it has definitely been worth it, I'm sure this is helping my speed on the flat and my endurance ... and its a darn good work out! Interestingly, and quite buzzy, I'm running up the hill at about a 7min pace, when I finished the C25K programme and was running 5km, my pace for quite a while was 7:20min/km ... I'm running up a steep hill faster than that now! I've come a long way!

Friday 6/11 - Rest and Weigh In Day

No weigh in as I worked during the day so missed my WW meeting, according to my scales I was probably down about 800gm and below where I was when I put some on a couple of weeks ago, hopefully I can keep that up this week!

Saturday 7/11 - 8km - 47:11

According to Map my Run - 7.9km, according to my Nike+ 7.98km. Whatever, this is the fastest I've run this block and I wasn't trying too hard!

Sunday 8/11 - 11km - 1:05:30

Same as the Saturday, according to Map my Run 11.3km, according to Nike+ 11.00 km (although I run this backwards from what I originally mapped it, and I tried mapping it the right way a while ago and got 11km but didn't want to change it on Map my Run, so the 11km is probably pretty accurate, more accurate too when looking at my time.

I've broken that 6min/km for my last three runs!!!

Monday today, rest day, and I'm off to work for the day again. My trying to eat well for the week will be tested as there is a big morning tea this morning because we won the best legal firm in the "Large Legal Firm" category last week ... I could do without fattening, tempting morning teas!!


  1. Congrats on achieving the running pace you were trying for... that's fantastic!

  2. I was trying to convert everything in my mind.. LOL!!

    Sounds like you have a great goal and a plan in motion to make it a reality.

    London Marathon would be AMAZING. I have never been. Will have to keep that one as a dream...being a one income family makes doing local races tough, let alone international travel..