Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm not very good at updates, am I?

... and this might have to be short and sweet highlights, I need to put my bike in the car and go delivering!

Thursday - Maungatooks (8.5km) - 57:06

Ohhhh boy, it was windy, and cold ... and as I left the car park full force into the wind I seriously contemplated turning around, but I managed to convince myself that it was only 2km to the bottom of the hill and I'd turn left into a different direction, and it would be downhill and then I'd be blown home! I was running at about 7:00/km ... my legs were still telling me they were tired and overworked and the wind was a killer - BUT I got to the bottom of the hill, and it wasn't so bad as I went up ... and up I went, and up ... and ran all the way to the top, yay me!! I was right, going down wasn't so bad, and the 2 and a bit k back to the car was much easier with the wind behind me ... I was still slower than the week before, even though I'd ran all the way up - but so happy that I did it :)

Friday - rest day, thank goodness

... and weigh-in day, of which I stayed exactly the same - totally deserved, I had bought my lunch a few days and whilst I chose reasonably, you just can't count points that way - this week my goal has been to make lunch at home, I have no excuses for not doing it, except one of my bad eating habits is good bakery comfort food, on my own (lunch time my house is nice and empty and quiet), with a good book! Time to revisit that habit and kick it out.

Saturday - 5km - approx 30:30

Saturday I decided I would actually (finally after about 2 months!) calibrate my nike+ ipod, so I set it at 1.0km and ran to where I knew my 1.0km mark was, hit the set button and then reset it and carried on for the other 4.06km. It seemed to work, it came out at 4.09km - close enough. I finally felt good, my legs felt recovered - yay!

Sunday - 16.3km - 1:41:10

I was being picked up at 8.30am to travel to my Stampin' Up Team Meeting (of which I am "team leader", so had to be organised to set a good example! LOL) - I managed to cut card and pack my bag, make muffins for lunch, and have everything ready the night before. Got up at 6.00am, aiming to leave at 6.15am (I left at 6.16am - yay me). I was a wee bit worried because I usually get up and eat a couple of pieces of toast before I do a long run, but I didn't have time for that. I drank some Powerade, took my water bottle and a gel and hoped that would do it.

I'm starting to really enjoy the long runs, there is something about the head space you get into, and the nice pace you keep that is hard to explain, but nutso maybe I am, but I enjoy a long run. It went well, body felt good, stopped at about 8km to have a drink and gel, carried on after that, managed to sip water every now and again while still moving all the way home - with just enough time to stretch, shower, change - grab a banana and cereal bar for breakfast, just in time to be picked up - it all worked well.

Monday - Rest Day

No deliveries today, so I had a "real" rest day - of which I spent cleaning my much needed dirty windows!

Tuesday (today) - 5.02km - 28:50

Yep, I pushed it today, testing my speed again! I was pleased the Nike+ clocked it as 5.02km which is slightly less than the 5.06 Map my Run has it - kind of balances with where its been at the last couple of runs, so I think it is pretty accurate. I also done a spin class this morning - I feel so much stronger at those as well now. Now I'm off to do some delivering ... this is the sort of day I have trouble balancing how much to each with how much I've exercised - a quick (for me) 5km run, an hours spin class, a couple of hours on my bike ... that must be burning a few calories, but eat too many and the weight doesn't move, it is a really hard equation to work out.

Righty, my highlights went on a bit long and I have to get moving to make it back before school finishes!

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  1. So glad you came out of lurking!!!

    So excited for you and to read about your journey to London!!!

    Long runs are my absolute favorite and they are 10x better when spent in good company.

    Regarding your Nike+ make sure you always compare it to mapmyrun or th likes because it can easily get uncalibrated. Mine gets screwy regularly!

    Keep it up girl!!!