Wednesday, October 28, 2009

6 Months!

Have you seen my ticker? I've got less than six months until the big day! When I won the prize I had just over 10 months, and that seemed such a long time ... suddenly it is six months and boy that is going to go fast. Our air tickets are all booked, my biggest worry now is that we've decided to move from London to Paris the day after the marathon - I just hope my legs are workable enough to walk around all the great museums and art galleries in Paris for those few days after the marathon.

Anyway - back to the running ...

I ran 8km this morning - well, 7.9km in 48:01 - I just can't quite get to that 6min/km, close, but not quite there. My legs are feeling the added pressure I'm putting on them so I'm thinking I just need to concentrate on the km's and let the speed catch up. Very frustrating. I have to remind myself how far I've come!

I ran 10km (going backwards now) on Saturday, it should have been 8, but I wanted to take part in the Nike World Race, ran it in 1:01:10 (still not quite that 6min/km!), then hopped on my bike and did 3hrs of delivering. Definitely too much to then run the 14km I ran on Sunday, I took the 14km pretty easy, i had to - the whole run my body was whinging and moaning that I'd pushed it too much! Part of me thinks, darn I shouldn't be pushing it so hard, the other part thinks, well come marathon training, I will be pushing it that hard so get used to it! LOL I survived, the time was 1:29, pretty much exactly what I ran 14km in when I ran it for my half marathon training - but probably with my body much more tired, so it was "okay".

I'll be back up my hill tomorrow, rest on Friday, SMALL run on Saturday (no 10km pushing it too much this weekend), then 16km on Sunday.

Weight wise, I was up last week, 400g - I'm really struggling to keep my eating on track - it's just so hard ... getting that balance between being hungry because of the exercise and keeping to the right amount of food to handle that AND lose weight. Very frustrating.

Onwards and upwards though!


  1. I actually gained a few pounds during my marathon training cycle. I was starving *all* the time!! I just couldn't get my caloric needs figured out and when I tried to cut back on my food, I just didn't feel "fueled" enough. Now, I'm trying to get my eating habits back to normal... it's tough! I've gotten used to eating whatever/whenever.

    We drove home the day after our marathon (4+ hours) and stopped at the half-way point to shop for a little while. I managed okay. I wasn't sprinting anywhere, but as long as there weren't too many stairs, it wasn't too bad. Within a couple of days, I was back to normal :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. :)

    You'll be doing very well if you can lose weight during your marathon training. I actually have gained several kgs myself this year as you just get really hungry when you start clocking the longer distances.

    I'm planning on kicking into weightloss mode again on Monday myself! Or maybe Tuesday!