Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Quiet Weekend

Saturday 3 October 2009, 5km - 30:50

We don't get many quiet weekends, so I plan to enjoy it! All our kids play various sports, but at the moment it is school holidays and inbetween winter and summer sport, so we have a very rare weekend free of any sport (except my running of course!). David is working, I'm at home trying to tidy up our very neglected house somewhat.

Nothing to report on todays run really, I'm still a bit stiff from last week which is kinda, but not really, worrying me. The training programme I'm following doesn't really have a huge taper before next week's half marathon, I've got a 12k run tomorrow and then same as last week, 8km on Tues and Wed and 12k on Thursday - I'm very tempted to cut back a bit but I won't, I've followed it exactly and its worked so far ... but I think I do need to make sure I just run slowly.

Weight Watchers weigh in day yesterday (as it is every Friday), I'm going to try and keep that updated here too, its good to look back on. I gained "officially" 1.1kg this week, but last week I lost 800g which was really just water weight because I'd switched my runs around and ran on Friday morning before weigh in ... I think in reality I put on about 3-400g, darn holidaying! LOL

I've decided I need to commit myself to losing the last 8kg I need to lose, before I start marathon training (about 10 weeks away!) - I've been pretty slack with the eating part for the last month and haven't really lost anything, the month before that when I upped my running it came off really easily from the change in exercising - the honeymoon is over though and I need to start working at it properly! So today, I've started tracking properly ... so far so good - but I've only just had lunch ... still the afternoon and evening to go.

Right, off to finish off some vacuuming and I might even start to attack my craft table - then I might actually be able to sit and do something at it!

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  1. It sounds like your training is going really well!!

    I know what you mean... quiet weekends feel like such a luxury, they are so rare.

    I need to lose a few pounds again too. I find that the marathon training has made me *insanely* hungry all the time. It's less than 10 pounds but it bugs me, I just know that now isn't the time to try to lose it. In 2 more weeks, I'll focus on getting back to normal :)