Wednesday, October 7, 2009

4 Sleeps to Go!

Yep ... 4 sleeps to go until Half Marathon time - eeek! Remember a week ago I was obsessing/worrying about it being too hot? Well, now I'm obsessing that this stormy, freezing cold, wet weather isn't going to let up before the weekend - see you just can't win, I'm never going to be happy! LOL

Not sure if I've mentioned, but I'm incredibly lucky to have very supportive sisters (I have five sisters and two brothers), three of us are travelling over to Masterton Saturday afternoon and staying in a motel over there so that we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it to the race on time (Masterton is about 2hrs drive from here). Georgie is running the 10km (she ran her first half marathon at the same race I totally blew my 10km), Julie is going to run the half with me - we've followed the same training programme, she is about an hour away so we don't run together, but it is still nice to compare notes each week. Julie has been running for years and could run the half SO much faster than me but she has been amazing through this whole journey, has run a few 10km with me, including my first one, as support - she swears this is all about supporting me and she is quite happy to run at my pace - see how lucky I am?

It's school holidays here at the moment and it is so nice to sleep in a bit and go running a wee bit later in the morning, I feel like I've caught up on more sleep than I have for ages ... although I'll be in for a shock next week when it is back to waking up early and running around like a mad woman again!

My other worry before this big run is the fact that I've eaten really really well Weight Watchers wise this week, which is great for my weight (according to my scales its coming down), but I'm not so sure it was a good week to do it when I should probably be building up calories ready for a big run. Hopefully the fact I've kicked the the Diet Coke habit and drunk way more water will slightly make up for it!

So - training this week -

Sunday 3 October 2009 - 12km - 1:17:40

Sunday seems long ago, I can't remember how the run went! Oh, I remember, the WIND. I've heard/read runners talking about wind, I've run in wind, what are they going on about, its not so bad ... I run what is basically a 10km square block, when I run 7, or 8 I cut through streets that cut through the block to shorten the basic 10k block, when I run 12k I run a little block within that block that is 2km - to make it 12. Anyway - started off fine, felt great, turned the corner going West and whoaaaaa it was windy, really windy, as in probably the wind I've heard talked about! LOL ... it wasn't so bad, hard work and not pleasant at all but I knew when I turned again it would be better and at the last turn I'd be blown home ;)

I was telling my Dad about it and he said he remembers running the Wellington Marathon one year where it was practically hurricane conditions, as he finished up running head on into the wind and turned out of it two runners suddenly passed him and thanked him very much for blocking them while they were running in it! The cheek! (but maybe a good tip to remember LOL).

Tuesday 6 October 2009 - 8km - 49:53

Pretty standard run - that wind is still there (we've had a real cold "Spring" storm hit, 300 cars were stranded on one of our highways because of snow and people had to be rescued, the snow is down low on the ranges we can see from our place, which usually only happens mid winter), bit of rain but not much.

I did have a weird thing happen - I came home and my, I don't know, below my shoulders "sides" rathen than back, hurt. You know what I think it might be? Probably way TMI, but I did notice my bra felt loose yesterday, I checked the size as I put it on this morning and it is probably a good 1-2 sizes too big for me now, and I think the lack of support maybe made strange places hurt - do you think? Whatever, I'm going out to buy a couple of new ones today ... funny how those sorts of things creep up on you!

Wednesday 7 October 2009 - 8km - 50:27

Pretty much the same as yesterday, I'm trying to work at running about the same pace I will on Sunday, pretty slow and steady. Still windy, still a bit wet, still way too cold!

I've got to go battle that rain, wind and cold on my bike now - I did about 3.5hr delivering yesterday, and will probably only do a couple today. The girls have some dolls to make, I bought them ages ago and promised them that today I'd probably have some time to do them with them - they are soft, all sewn, should be fun, maybe ...

Oh, and how could I forget, I have a "follower"! Hi Jackie!!!! (very exciting LOL)


  1. Running against the wind can really zap your energy, I've had a few runs made *very* difficult by strong winds. Not fun.

    I would definitely put buying a new bra at the top of your list. I wore one that didn't fit quite right on one of my long runs and I had the most painful chafing experience. It was awful.

    You are sooooo lucky to get to run with your family!! Good luck with your half... you'll do GREAT... I'll be wishing perfect weather conditions for all of you :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    Good luck on your upcoming half marathon!! I look forward to reading about it. Try not to worry about the weather too much (easier said than done, I know) - just be prepared for anything!

    Make sure you have a hearty (and healthy) dinner on Friday and Saturday - you need the carbs!

    Keep in touch. :)