Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So, What's Next?

I'm a goal setting, mountain climbing Capricorn ... believe me, I had "What's Next" planned out a way before Sunday's Half Marathon!

This is a journey for me, each step is getting closer to that marathon goal - so, yes, I've got a few little goals along the way.

Next up though, I plan on more endurance training, which means hills! So next up in my training I'm going to start including running up the Maungatooks once a week, I tried to find a photo, but couldn't find one - I'll have to take one when I get to the top! It's a popular hill training place for runners and bikers here, I used to bike up there when I was training for the Taupo Bike Race a few years ago, it took a few goes to manage to bike up without stopping, I'm imagining that it will take a few goes before I can run all the way too. The golf course is down the road a bit, and according to a pre-mapped course on Mapmyrun, it is a 10k run from the golf course, up to the top, and then back to the golf course - so I'm going to make that my Thursday run each week.

As for races, next up is the Rimutaka Incline Run this is one of those runs/walks I've wanted to do for years (admittedly, I always imagined walking it if I ever got fit enough, never imagined running it!), it is 17km and runs through the old railway tracks and tunnels - it goes up an incline for 10km and then down for the last 7km. Definitely supposed to be a fun run, rather than anything serious - I'll be looking forward to it!

After that I'll be running another half marathon on 12th December, in Wanganui (about 2hrs from here), I need one more under my belt before I start the 18wk marathon training programme. Conveniently, 18 weeks before London is 21st December, which means I can run this last half marathon, have a week to take it really easy and then start the serious stuff.

As for short terms plans - I've rested yesterday and today (if you can count 3hrs on my bike yesterday as rest), tomorrow I plan to run 5kms, then tackle the Maungatooks for the first time on Thursday. I'm feeling good so it should all be a-okay.

Thanks for the good wishes :)

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