Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A comparison

Before I do the Wellington Harbour Half Marathon report - how about a comparison :)

One year ago I'd been running for about six months, this race was my 3rd (I think) 10km, and my goal was to run it in under 1:05 (6:30/km). Little did I know how much this day was going to change my life.

(BTW - that is my sister running next to me, she WAS so supportive in my first few races, during that run we agreed that this year we'd run the half marathon together ... we ended up running our first half marathons together last October :) ... she is now injured and hasn't been running for a few months ... I miss her!)

Yes, I'd already taken the big step and made some changes, one year ago I'd lost 16kg (35lb) and trained myself to run 10km ... so big changes had been made.

BUT this was the day my number was drawn out of lots and lots of other numbers and won me a trip to run the London Marathon ... from this day I got serious about my running and losing more weight.

You can see from the photos how far I've come ... another 13kg lost (STILL haven't quite reached the magic 30kg!), and wow! I actually look like a runner!!

Time wise? 10km last year = 1:04:05, about 6:25/km. Half Marathon this year = 1:57:27 (5:34/km).

I didn't win a spot prize this year, and I still haven't run the London marathon ... but I have run a marathon, something I'd never even dreamt of doing (in fact, totally said NO I never would! LOL), I'm training for my second marathon and ultimately the 2011 London Marathon.

... and yes, I'm very proud of myself and my journey :)

I'll try and find time to write the race report tomorrow!


  1. How inspiring!! Good for you :) I love that you have such a big family. I have 4 sons and love that there are so many of us.

  2. Congrats on your transformation!

    Looks like typical Wgtn weather for the race!

  3. way to go!


  4. As you should! You look fab woman! Congrats on all you done, run and how far you've come!!!