Monday, June 14, 2010

Still running

Got to say, not a lot of excitement happening around here!

Training wise - all is going good - leg is still sorer than I'd like, I'm hoping it will hang in there until after the Wellington Half Marathon (two weeks away) and then I'll decide whether I should just give in and take a week or two completely off running. Straight after Wellington is supposed to be the 1st week of my 18 week training programme for the Auckland marathon, but I don't think a week or two off and starting on Week 3 would actually make too much difference, I'm running the k's and distance of those first few weeks now.

Anyway, latest runs?

Tuesday - 8.0km - early morning, slowish, done.
Wednesday - 6.5km - another early morning, another slowish, sluggish run.
Thursday - 10km Tempo - after breakfast and dropping the kids off, great run - love it when a run goes well :) Perfect tempo run, warm up, building up speed to middle k's then slowing down to warming down for last couple of k's.
Friday - 6.5km - early morning, sluggish and slow.
Saturday - rest day - way too early wake up call to get to Palmerston in time for 8.00am warm up for gym competition.
Sunday - 16km - nice long run, felt good, felt strong :)

and, here we are at today, Monday. No run today, but a good 2.5hrs on my bike delivering, so not a total slug. I was going to push myself to a spin class tonight, but my leg is a bit sore after yesterday so I'm not going to push it. I'll do the same tomorrow as I did last week - run and then spin class later on in the morning.

Nice to see some sunshine outside today - it feels like its been ages!!


  1. hi, if you are interested there are a few new training events in auckland check out for details.

  2. So happy to have found your blog! Just returned [10 days ago] from our 5th trip to NZ! I married a Kiwi - lucky me!! So beautiful.

    Happy to be able to "follow" you from so far away!! :)

  3. Hi, Lisa - I just found your blog. Congratulations on your marathon! Can't wait to see your further adventures.