Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1, 2, 3 ... Awwwwwww

Our local paper runs a "Queen for a Day" competition each year for Mother's Day. Rhiannon came home last week with the page and form from the newspaper and said her teacher gave it to her and said (demanded! LOL) that she write a letter and put it in. To be quite honest, I think mothers who deal with very sick children, or do it on their own, and lots of other situations probably deserve the prize more than I do, but hey, reading what my 11yo had to say about me is pretty cool on its own ;)

So here's her letter ... ready to go "awwwwww" :)

My Mum Lisa Beck is a very cool and good Mum. She never yells or anything! She deserves to be queen for a day because she is the best! My mum has to look after 4 children recently 5 as David has gone to university this year. 2 girls and 3 boys ages 8, 11, 14, 15, and 18.
She has to run after us all the time taking us to netball, gymnastics, cricket, soccer and dance practices and games and to school and friends houses. She always comes and watches our games. As well as that my Mum has quite a few jobs. She does stamping up, delivers power bills, she works at Simpson Grierson, helps us with delivering our pamphlets and is a board of trustee member at our school.
My Mum always cooks good meals and always gives us a treat every now and then. She always knows what we need like if we need new clothes or school things. And she never gives us something that we don’t like because she knows us to well.
Just recently my Mum has had a very disappointing and stressful week. Last year she won the BIG spot prize at the Wellington run. She won a prize to go run the London Marathon. After that she trained and trained. She lost 30kg with weight watchers, running and biking. Mount Eyjafallajokull erupted so all the ash was in the air. My Mum and Dad were one of the unlucky people that missed their flights to Europe. Last Monday they were meant to go to London but instead stayed home because of the ash. But my Mum nether gave up. She would be more disappointed if all the training went to waist. But luckily enough there was a marathon in Rotarua a week after she was meant to run the London marathon. This is why my Mum deserves to queen for a day. I love my Mum!

Spelling and grammar mistakes are all her own, the typist/proof reader in me had to bite my tongue hard and resist fixing them!!

I don't talk about my kids a whole lot here, but they are great kids which makes looking after them pretty easy. We don't ever have a lot of problems with them, they're pretty easy going and quite happy to work hard at school and at their sports which makes running after them worthwhile. An example of how good they are - the Friday before we were due to fly out we had a big load of firewood delivered. It arrived while both David and I were at work - by the time David got home, they had put it all away in the shed (stacked properly) to surprise him :) I get lots of remarks about "wow ... FIVE kids, you must be crazy/tired/etc", but really - they are worth it!

... and that's enough gushing for the day ;)

THREE sleeps to go!!


  1. That is the sweetest letter ever! You DO deserve to be Queen for a Day!

  2. That is definitely an "awwwwwwwwwwww"-worthy letter. That's wonderful!!

    You are very blessed to have 5 amazing children and I think they are equally blessed to have a mom like you. I remember your former blog mentioned your children more often and you are ALWAYS on the go with them!

    Best of luck... can't wait to read your race report!!!

  3. You have a reason to gloat and please, do so more often.
    Will you frame this letter and put it on the wall? And does not it make your tapering easier to handle?
    BTW, you must be quite a mom to have kids so great!

  4. I think we all know that what she said is the truth!