Saturday, April 17, 2010

Plan B

Because, I've got to have a Plan B, I need a plan ... this waiting on Act of God stuff is just doing my head in.

Firstly though - Ewa - the marathon organiser basically said no plan b, can't book flights later on because no room on any flights. Only UK people get their entry deferred so I haven't even got that little bit of "hey, at least my entry will stand for next year".

S0, maybe pessimistic, maybe realistic ... I'm not hopeful about that ash clearing very quickly, the volcano is still bellowing it out, until it stops the skies aren't going to clear in a hurry, unless the wind changes dramatically.

I'm still hoping that it will magically right itself by Monday night, or at least look like it is so our flight goes off expecting to make it. I'll talk to Air NZ tomorrow about whether there are any possible seats later on in the week.

If it all turns to custard? Plan B.

1. Rotorua marathon is a week after London, at this stage it looks like I can still enter ... that way my training won't have gone to waste and I'll still run a marathon.

2. I'll be putting my name down with the travel agent for London next year. I can't let go and not do it ... the "journey" will just be that much longer.

Hopefully Plan B won't have to happen ... but I feel slightly better having it :)

Meanwhile, I ran a nice 13k this morning - tried to stick to an easy, comfortable pace going by feel which hit at just under 6:00/km ... still not sure what to aim for when I run the marathon, but it felt mostly good this morning, and felt good running a longish run after all the little ones during the week!

Keep on crossing everything, I still want to make it to London!!


  1. That seems like a good plan. We visited Rotorua on our short NZ trip. It really smells of sulfur - how appropriate considering what is wrecking your plan A.
    BTW, I've been reading that some elite runners won't be able to make Boston Marathon this Monday because of flight cancellations. Hope all this madness ends soon.

  2. I cannot begin to imagine how stressed you must be... I am so hopeful that you'll be able to get there somehow. Could you fly into Scotland and take a train to London? I heard that their airspace was expected to be cleared for flights earlier.

    I hope you make it to London... but I don't blame you for having a backup marathon. Who would want to go through all that effort and not run?

    Fingers still crossed for you...