Thursday, April 29, 2010

We're Off!

Well, when I move my butt from here and pack ... and get kids organised we will be!

So nervous? Funny thing is, I don't feel nervous, but I have a mouth ulcer! Most of my big events through life that I should be nervous for and feel fairly calm, you can guarantee I will get mouth ulcers ... strange, but sure sign my body knows I'm nervous, even if my mind doesn't :)

So goals, expectations?

C Goal = finishing. It's my first marathon, that's probably all I should be worrying about, but I'm a number obsessed, goal setting Capricorn so of course I need more than that. Although just finishing WILL be enough if it comes to that :)

B Goal = 4:30ish - just over would be fine, just under would be fine.

A Goal = less than 4:30ish.

If I was doing flat London, on a good day, everything going perfect, I'd be fairly confident of the A Goal. Rotorua, however, is a much harder course, it has a couple of big hills and is hilly so I think realistically 4:30 will be a very good time.

So, off to pack and get ready to go - if nothing else it should be a fun weekend with the family :)

Thanks for all your support over the last 10 months, it has been a huge journey and I'm excited to be at the final destination!

We're away until Monday so I probably won't update until then.