Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby Steps

Baby steps are good, strides would be better, but any little step is good :)

On the eating/weight loss front, official weigh in day is tomorrow, but I weigh myself everyday, and I've lost all of a grand number of about 200g so far this week, hopefully that will hang on for tomorrow's official day. I'm actually pretty happy with that - I have dropped my exercise sooooo much the last couple of weeks and I was really worried my body would go into shock and put on weight, so my "trying" and doing okay, but not perfectly at following points again and 3x spin classes a week is keeping me on track and at least maintaining. I'd obviously love to be losing more, but I've got to look at the big picture. I haven't even done any biking/delivering for nearly two weeks! That is usually what burns those extra few calories ... but my Dad (who I suspect is more addicted to exercise than I am LOL), did the last few days of last month because he knew I was trying to rest my leg, and then this week when we start up the month, he insisted on doing Otaki (the first few days) because I'm starting work early most days this week. It's certainly been nice having some time at home, especially as it is school holidays, but I feel like a lazy slug!

On the running side of things - I ran 5km this morning! Yay! and really enjoyed it, I was a bit worried that I'd enjoyed the time off too much and it would be hard work to get back into it. But it felt like coming home, and although I could tell my legs were a bit "gosh we haven't done this for nearly two weeks", my fitness felt good. As for my knee (and yes, I'm calling and admitting its a knee injury now), it started off good, a bit stiff but pretty freely but I could feel it the whole way, and was very tentative on the downhills because I felt like the extra impact would be too much. I came home and iced, and rolled ... now I'll just wait and see how it feels later tonight - it usually after I've sat at work in front of the 'ole computer screen for a few hours and not kept moving that I feel it. If it is no worse than before I started today I'll still not run tomorrow or Saturday, but I'm hoping to do a slow and easy 10km on it on Sunday.

I've just finished "Born to Run" and one thing that has made me think about is the enjoyment of running - I think I've been pushing and pushing to get better and better since I started, I think now, especially while trying to fix the knee, I just need to get out there and run slow and enjoy it .. something I'm definitely going to work on. I'm still a goal seeker, I still want to break that 4hrs for a marathon, and better my last time, but reality is, Auckland is 16wks away and I don't think this injury is going to let me train hard for a while, so I plan on (hopefully!) getting the miles in, getting the hills in, but taking it easy and just enjoying the running ... and then doing the same with Auckland. In an ideal world the injury will get better and I will be able to train "harder" for London ... because, really, that race is the important one :)

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