Saturday, July 3, 2010

Training Programmes and "Summer" of Weight Loss

Firstly ... Training Programmes. I love planning, writing lists ... just not so good at keeping to them! LOL

So, for my first marathon I followed (religiously, never missed a training run) the Hal Higdom Intermediate 1 programme, and it worked well. This second marathon training cycle, I had planned to follow the Intermediate 2 programme, but blend it with some speed work and hill work. About a week ago I sat down with my spreadsheet and blended in the latest RW's half marathon programme in with the Hal Higdon one ... using the RW's speedwork etc and mixing it with the right mileage. I was more than happy with it.

Then, I admitted defeat and admitted that I'm injured and decided to take a week or so off, I worked that into the training programme, I figured I am more than half marathon fit, missing the first couple of weeks of the Higdon programme wasn't going to be a major, and in fact when I worked out the whole programme had that all fitted in.

Then, with being injured, and all the blog reading etc I do, I thought maybe I'd look at the FIRST programme to see what it says ... I keep saying to my younger sister who has struggled with injuries that it would be good for her, so should listen to my own advice. I had a look and the whole concept makes a lot of sense, but I know I want to run more than three days. While looking at the site with the FIRST programme, I looked at their five day marathon programme, and thought, now that looks like me. So now I'm not sure what to do! Too many choices.

So Hal Higdon? Big plus, his programme worked really well for my first marathon - and I really like the two harder weeks, then an easier week concept ... mentally I found that worked well.

Marathon Training Program - Has the "extras" worked into it, has a longer run mid week (the only thing I thought would maybe work better with the Higdon programme), it is a twelve week programme which gives me a bit of time to work on the injury.

I think I've pretty much decided to scrap my well worked out programme from a couple of weeks ago and go with the Marathon Training Programme ... and if the knee is still not quite right, cut down to four days a week - which with the longer mid-week run, I think would work well. I'll probably use the spare 5th day to work with a Personal Trainer to work on my core and strengthening.

Maybe, I'm just a programme whore, and can't get enough of them? LOL ... but I do love working with a spreadsheet ;)

... and the injury update? Physio really does think its my knee, I told him I was sceptical of that because it just doesn't feel like my knee ... but he explain how all my other muscles are fine, there is absolutely nothing to point towards anything else, plus it is definitely weight-bearing pain which points towards a joint injury rather than muscles (something like that anyway). BUT the big thing that has me convinced that maybe he is right (and sorry Mr Physio man for doubting you and saying I doubted you), I talked to my sister the next day - my younger sister who ran my first few races with me - who has been off with a knee injury for a few months, and comparing notes ... her injury started in exactly the same way. Damn. So I'm doing the exercises, I definitely won't run until Thursday ... it is a week after the half marathon now and I can still feel soreness when I move wrong. Thursday I'll run an easy 5km and see how it feels, I'd planned to then take another couple of days off and throw myself into a 17.5km as per the programme on Sunday - but I'll assess that at the end of the week. Meanwhile I'm trying to do three spin classes during the week to keep my fitness up :)

"Summer" of Weight Loss

Kerrie over at Mom vs Marathon is putting together a group of people wanting to lose weight over the American summer (it will be our winter), I need something to give me a good rocket up the a** to get myself back on track, so I'm going to join in with the hope it will give me the motivation I need.

I'll put my beginning weight and some photos up tomorrow (I'll try and convince my 11yo to take some photos in the less workout clothes as possible to get a "true shape" shot).

This not running makes me eat even more believe it or not ... I'm so frustrated with myself and lack of control at the moment :(


  1. 卡爾.桑得柏:「除非先有夢,否則一切皆不成。」共勉!............................................................

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I discovered your blog a few weeks ago while linking through other running related sites. As a fairly new runner myself (first 10k was in October 2008), I always enjoy reading about other people's running experiences, particularly training for and running marathons.

    Since that first 10k run in 2008, I've run 2 marathons (Oct. '09, and March '10). For the first one, I more or less followed the Hal Higdon plan, though I lost a couple of weeks to injury and illness. I did manage to make it across the finish line, but those last 8-10 km were quite a challenge. After much research and countless flip-flops, I decided to try the FIRST program for my second marathon -- somehow the idea of fewer miles, but all quality miles, really resonated with me. I was a little skeptical of the 'only 3 days running' part of the plan, but decided to give it a try anyway (and actually, you can even add a light run as part of the cross-training days, so that you run more than the basic 3 days). Anyway, I can't say enough about my experience with the program. I ran the second marathon conservatively because I didn't want a repeat of my bonk in my first one. In the end, it turned out I was too conservative -- I crossed the finish line and actually felt like I still had something left in the tank. I was so much better prepared than I even realized. I'm sure there were many factors at work in my second performance, but I'm pretty sure that the FIRST program was the biggest by far. I'm completely sold on the methodology. I was back on the road a week after the marathon and had PBs in the 10k and half marathon in the following 6 weeks. I was actually amazed at how strong I felt (and this AFTER running a marathon).

    Anyway, since you seem to be having the same struggle settling on a plan that I did, and since it seems the FIRST plan is one of the plans you're considering, I thought I'd share my experience. Whatever plan you choose, best of luck with the training. I'll be starting my 16 week plan (for an October 24th marathon) this week. I'll be sure to check in and see how you're doing.

    Happy Running!