Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces

So how was the knee after Thursday's 5km? Well, by Thursday night it was sore and I was cursing and swearing and resigned to the injury just not getting better. Friday morning I woke up and it was still a bit sore, went to the gym did my physio stretches, did a spin class and its been feeling good ever since, well "good" as in it feels about where it was before I ran on Thursday. Maybe there is hope. So, I'm going to continue with the physio's idea that along with the strengthening exercises and taking it easy it will get "manageable", but I'm also going to book an appointment with a sports doctor and get it looked at. So, slow and easy 10km tomorrow ... I'm going to try taking an antiinflammatory before and after and see what happens ... that maybe a lot of the pain is inflammation?

Barefoot Running - even after reading Born to Run and being fascinated with all the research, and definitely being able to the sense of it - it still isn't something I aspire to do. But, funnyish story, I was talking to my Dad yesterday about it and he reminded me how on the last leg of the running tour they used to do around here (3 days of running, 5 legs I think? It was an annual thing for a while and he ran it each eyar) they used to have to run across the river, so because he didn't want to run in wet shoes he always wore sandals for that leg of the race ... my Dad was a trendsetter way back about 15yrs ago and he didn't even know it! LOL

Official Weigh-In - well, yesterday morning I managed to get to 68.4kg ... a whole 400g less than the week before (that is 0.9lb). Any loss is a good loss so I'm happy. Now, to do the same this week! It was easier to eat better this week because I started work at 3.30pm everyday (except Tuesday) - I normally start at 6.30. Anyway, that meant I had lunch at home, and then left at about 2.30 - avoiding that early afternoon when all I want to do is pick and eat all the wrong stuff! I was very good at bringing the right snacks and dinner with me and sticking to them :)

I think that was all! Happy Birthday to Josh my now 16yo!!


  1. Congratulations on having a 16yo! And on improvement in the knee. And weight loss. All good stuff.

    I can't imagine barefoot running, but I did do a lot of barefoot walking when I injured my IT band in 2008, and it seemed to help a lot. I'd just go around my block several times each day (for fear that if I cut a foot, I wouldn't be able to walk far to get home, and also that kept the number of people thinking I was insane to a minimum).

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