Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Day, Another 8km :)

Week 4, Half Marathon Training - 8km - 48:42

Not much to say really! I got up, I ran, I got home. Oh! I did go out and buy a Nike+ attachment thingee for my ipod yesterday, it is very cool. Although it told me I ran 8.24km, when I ran 7.9 and I pressed something wrong so couldn't calibrate it properly, I'll try to do it right tomorrow. But at least I know the stopwatch shouldn't fail!

The biggest bummer this morning was coming home, doing my usual making lunches, waking up the smallest child (who would sleep until 10am if she could, which is convenient for morning runs - her big teenage brothers are at home, but she's a lot less trouble when she's a sleep!), sitting her down to breakfast and then going to have a shower ... only it was stone cold .... grrrrrrr who'd have teenage boys!

I decided I couldn't cope with the freezing cold and knew I was going out on my bike delivering, so gave up dressed in non-running clothes, made my hair look the best it could without its daily wash and got the girls to school just in time for the bell to ring.

Tomorrow is 10km, means an early alarm call!

(oh, and I'm not sitting here smelly, I did my biking and then had a shower before I picked up the girls from school!)

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  1. wishing you the best of luck on your journey - very inspiring so far. I have done a few short races in the past, would like to get back to that, but think I will need to wait until the new baby is sleeping through the night! But doing a marathon is on my bucket list, although for the moment I'm just working on the weight loss part. Congrats on all that you've managed to accomplish so far!