Thursday, September 17, 2009

No smart title

No smart title - because I can't think of one!

So ... what have I been doing this week?

Tuesday - Spin Class

Love my spin class - I reckon when I lose weight, that is where I lose the majority of it from! I also love that I know I'm working muscles in my legs but not pounding them on the pavement.

Wednesday - 7km Run - 42:52

I'm on to Week 5 (of 8) of half marathon training this week - every second week is easier, this is an easier week - which is good, my back, butt, or whatever is hurting needed time to recover. I think it is, slowly.

I'm finding my times are slowly getting faster without really trying. Except for the nagging pain - I'm feeling so much stronger and so much better at running :)

Thursday - 11.3km Run - 1:08:52

Uh-oh ... I'm starting to think that I could run the 10km Race I'm doing on Sunday in under 60mins, I've been avoiding thinking about it because last one I did I totally stuffed up and I think it is because I psyched myself up to run it in 60min and I tried too hard ... I'm trying to work on just letting my body take it at the speed it wants to ... except the last couple of runs have been about 6:05/km ... and I'm thinking, maybe just maybe I could do it ...

Todays run was good - I got up and the pain in my back/butt/leg was feeling good, took the first few steps and though, bugger, its still there and it took about a km for everything to loosen up - I could "feel" it all run, but felt pretty good ... was working hard - you know, it's not easy, but you just get on with it! I've worked the last two nights and got home at about 1am, in bed asleep at about 1.30am - then up just before 7am to run, I know it is harder when I haven't had enough sleep and I think thats what I was feeling this morning. Lucky for me David had an appointment locally this morning so I still got up at 7.00am rather than earlier - he got the girls up and off to school, that made it a lot easier!

I've got an appointment at the physio tomorrow, so hopefully he'll have some answers on where the pain is coming from and what I can do about it ... fingers crossed, I'll be so disappointed if he says take a rest!

Rest day tomorrow, 5km on Saturday and 10k race on Sunday :)


  1. hope you get some answers tomorrow - and best of luck for your race