Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday again, already!

So what have I run this past week ...

Wednesday - 10km - 1:03:22

Out of bed and off running, morning run again - I think I do these in a kind of sleepy haze! LOL ... 1:03 seems to be a regular 10km time for me now, which is fine!

Thursday - Rest Day

Love those rest days!

Friday - 8km - 50:30

Bit slow, I'm suffering from, I think, my first official injury. I'll talk more about that later.

Saturday - 16km (more like 16.5 I think) - 1:50:00 (approximate, darn it my fancy Nike+ didn't record the first lap for some reason, I checked it then and realised it wasn't going, so recorded the second lap, which took 55min and recorded it as 8.8km - going by fuzzy reasoning, that must have been about 8.3 because I know the calibration is wrong).

This was actually a really good run - DH and I went away for the weekend so I was running in a strange place, I'd mapped it out and managed a big 8km block where most turns were where I had to turn (I have no sense of direction so this is good for me! LOL). I got DH to drive around it with me the day before so I definitely knew where I was going. Also worked out where 2km was so that I knew where the 10km mark would be on the 2nd circuit - for gel and water update!

The first circuit I put the water bottle and gel behind a lamppost at 2km, I forgot a smaller drink bottle and I found the one I had way too heavy and annoying ... and I have no pockets in my running 3/4 pants ... I need to look at some new running clothes that have necessary things, like pockets! Anyway, first circuit went well - was really annoyed to find my Nike thingee hadn't recorded anything, no idea what happened, whether I didn't press it right or what - I don't know, but so annoying. I got it right for the second circuit.

I stopped by the 10km lamppost and picked up my drink bottle and gel and had those. Was hard work the next couple of km's ... at about 12-13k I was thinking, yeah I know I can finish this run, but a half marathon? What was I thinking? ... about 14-15km second wind kicked in and I still felt like I could run further when I'd finished :) I was really really stiff after this run though, I thought I was smart by having a hot bath which I never do (being away and having time and no kids around is a definite luxury!) ... and I wonder if my usual having to run off to do the next thing is actually better for my muscles than being able to relax a bit. My legs weren't stiff the next day though, so all good.

Now, the injury - I had problems with my back way back when I played netball, the jarring of landing on concrete all the time ... well, I think it's playing up again - I thought it was a muscle between my hamstring and bum, I'm finding if I put too much pressure on my left leg it hurts - like my leg meeting my bum - does that make sense? If its sore I walk with a terrible gait, it doesn't hurt while I'm running though, it takes a K or so to loosen up and come right, but after that (even for 16k!) it is fine, its when I stop and go back to walking. It isn't actually too bad today, and wasn't too bad yesterday - it worse at the start of last week. But I think I definitely need to get it seen to, last time I did they used a scanner thingee to break down old scar tissue, can't remember if it really worked, it must have I suppose because I don't think I've had problems with it again until now! Very frustrating though, I'm feeling fit and able to run a half marathon, except for that annoying continuous niggle!

Today is an easier week - I did everything a day earlier last week so I get an extra rest day this week (today), I'm hoping that will give my back time to come about right. I'll do my spin class tomorrow which gives three days of no running.

Wednesday is 7km, Thursday 11km, Saturday 5km and then a 10km race on Sunday. I'm looking forward to seeing how I go on Sunday - 10k is starting to feel like a short training run!

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