Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here I am!

I said I'd blog this journey, it's just taken a couple of months to finally do it!

Okay - quick background ...

July 2008 - 6 months until I turn 40yo, decide I really have to do something about my weight so I can be Fab 40yo ... join WW for the upteenth time. Weigh in at 96.8kg (213lb).

November 2008 - I've lost about 5kg but need something to help the weight loss along, have talked about doing the C25K programme for a while, 18th of November I finally start it. Find running for 1min darn hard work!

January 2009 - finish C25K programme and am delighted that I can run 5km - running about an average of 7:20min/km. Put on too much weight over holiday season, turn 40yo on 9th January and weight 91kg (200lb). I announce then that the 40's will be all about me, I plan to be healthy, thin and rich! LOL Start training for my first 10k.

March 2009 - run/bike the Kapiti Womens Duathalon - something I've wanted to do for years, I finish with a huge smile on my face. Run Around the Vines in Martinborough, my first ever 10km race - 1:12 ... absolutely overwhelmed that I did it! Weight is starting to finally come off.

April/May 2009 - I am 81kg (178lb). I go to Australia for my Stampin' Up Convention and reach one of my other huge goals of being on stage and looking lots better than I did the year before. Run Moonshine 10km - 1:08, win "big" spotprize there - 2 nights accommodation in a nice hotel in Martinborough. Come home for Australia and run the Eastbourne 10km - 1:06, I'm getting faster each time!

June 2009 - this is THE month ... I hit the 70's (kgs), I enter the Wellington Harbour 10km. I'm starting to struggle to eat right, I tell myself I need another goal to keep me going. I break the 1:05 at Wellington, that was accomplishment enough! THEN ... this is the day my life suddenly changes ... I win the MAJOR SPOTPRIZE - entry into the London 2010 Marathon, along with airfares and a couple of nights accommodation!!

After a month of getting my head around it, I'm in for the challenge ... I'm going to run the London Marathon - heck, I'm going to run a marathon!

July/August I spend getting serious about losing weight and running and working out at the gym to strengthen and build my body up ready for serious training. End of August I run another 10km - most awful run ever - 1:06, first time I've gone slower in a race. Reality kicks in ;) Also is the finish of "loose" training, and start of serious half marathon training, ready for half marathon on 11 October.

September 2009 - half marathon training has started, I now weigh 73.7kg (162lb), if you're counting I've lost 50lbs! 9kg to go to reach my WW goal weight.

So here we are ... hopefully my journey will be worth reading about - I know I've read through quite a few running/weight loss blogs lately and find them all very inspiring!

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  1. Lisa this is so exciting to read---and encouraging because the weight loss journey is one I need to take although the marathon is not my plan. However, I will be one of your biggest fans in preparing for it. Can't wait to follow your progress. Congratulations on your journey this far!