Sunday, September 6, 2009

Catching up

So, I've got at least two people reading, so I need to keep this thing updated - it's also a good record for me!

Thursday - dragged myself out of bed at 7.00am (and dragged it was, I worked Tuesday night as well as my usual Wednesday and Thursday this week) and ran my 8km. Nice steady pace (50min if I remember rightly), just one of those, this is a chore but I've got to do it runs ;) I think what keeps me going on that Thursday run is the fact that I know Friday is a rest day, and for me a complete rest day! One of the other wee jobs I do is help my Dad with his delivering job, he has the contract to deliver a local power company's invoices each month - over the last couple of years he has been giving me more and more each month ... it's now probably more than a "wee" job! So Friday is the one day I say, rest day - but no biking either.

Anyway - Rest Day Friday.

Saturday - 5km - this was a good run, I had to get up early again because I knew I was out all day (I had a stand at the local parent/child expo). I felt like a runner when I ran this - 30:30, full minute slower than the other day, but I felt well paced, and in a good head space.

Today (Sunday) - 11km - slept in, at last! (okay, only until 7.30 - but I was asleep by 11.00 last night, and boy I needed it - maybe I should turn this blog into a how Lisa manages to fit sleep into her life? LOL). My stopwatch aka my cell phone turned off halfway through so I don't know how long I took (I hate it when that happens), but I think it was about 1hr10min, it was actually 11.3km so I think it was a good 6.15-6.20 pace which I think is just right for me at 8-12k distance :)

As for the rest of my day, I got home, showered, breakfasted and then raced off to watch Rhiannon's netball tournament. We've just got home and it's now about 4.30pm - its Fathers Day her in NZ today and I've been a slack wife in this department (not to mention a slack daughter - but I'll catch up with my Dad tomorrow when he drops off the deliveries). To at least be somewhat a good wife I need to dig out the steak we got given a while back out of the freezer and cook it up nicely for him for dinner, the kids will have sausages, I'll have eggs ... along with chips and some coleslaw - easy dinner, but he'll be happy!

I can't remember what I'm running this week, but its going to be a hard week, I think I need to squash it up a bit so I do my long run on Saturday, husband and I are going away for the weekend (two free nights in a nice hotel about 2hrs from us ... courtesy of the other big spotprize I won!), I'd quite like at least one day to just relax, so if I squash it up and do my long run while we're away on the Saturday, at least Sunday I can sleep in, enjoy the free breakfast and just relax.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day, so no running, but I will be delivering which will probably be a 2-3hr bike ride - I'll be taking it easy though!

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  1. Another entry so soon! I like reading training logs... so keep 'em coming. I think it encourages everyone to keep going when they see what others are doing too.

    It's also nice to read about other people who have to struggle to find the time to fit the runs in... I'm not alone!

    Something you might be interested in at some point is a Garmin. You can use it for running and biking. It has a GPS and you can look down at your wrist anytime and see how fast you're going and how far you've run. It's very cool. You can get the older models (205 like mine, or 305 like my husbands's) for under $200 Canadian).