Monday, February 22, 2010

2:01:08!! and a little bit of Sunshine

Wow and wow!! How did I manage that? In just two months from my previous half marathon, I took 8 minutes off my time, just wow ... I am amazed everyday at what we can train our bodies to do :)

Ewa gave me a Sunshine Award - thank you Ewa!! and thank you for all your nice comments, I'm blushing :) I have been reading your blog, but can't comment? Just in case you thought I was really rude and was totally ignoring you!

I'm supposed to pass this on, but I think every blog I read has had a Sunshine Award! I read lots of inspirational blogs and they all deserve awards!

Today is a non-running, cross training day. My cross training will be getting on my bike and delivering, I have Saturdays and todays to do, because I wanted to let me legs totally rest before yesterdays run.

Legs feel pretty good today, one calf muscle is a bit sore, it was trying to cramp for a few km's yesterday, but I willed it away ;) ... but it is tight today, otherwise - a bit stiff, but not too bad at all!


  1. Hey...found your blog somewhere (really can't remember how I came across it hehe). Just wanted to say what an awesome effort out there! It was a beautiful day for it huh. (I did the 7km). Sounds like your training is going well for sure :-D Well done!!

  2. Oh, don't blush.
    I am not sure why the comment thing is not working. Checked my settings and they seem to be OK.
    Congrats on chopping 8 min off your time!

  3. Nice job on your half marathon. I ran one today and had a BLAST! I found your blog from Ewas.