Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still on Cloud 9!

Yep, still on cloud 9 and still buzzing :)

But I've got to write about my "Best Mother of the Year" moment yesterday, can I blame still being high from such a good run and wanting to rush the girls to school so I could buy the paper with the official results for my wee, um, slack mother moment?

I got up yesterday, did the normal shower, breakfast, getting the girls' lunches ready, getting them out the door (really, it is only the 8yo that still needs prompting to eat breakfast, put shoes on, brush hair), took Charlotte to school, got the paper - came home and read it, mucked around on the computer here for a while, made a couple of phone calls and then went out on my bike delivering for a couple of hours. Got home about 12.30 and notice Cameron on the couch in the lounge as I walked past to put my bike in the shed, I figured he'd come home sick from school (the high school is a 5 min walk down the road from us).

Got to the front door and vaguely wondered why it was still locked, and how he'd got inside. So I ask him why he's come home? His answer? "I never left", um, yeah ... mother of the year, I'd never even noticed that he wasn't in amongst the normal morning activities in the morning, certainly never occured to me he was still in bed asleep! Turns out he was very tired and slept until 11.30, and actually went to school this morning, raced in the 1500m for athletics and then came home sick, full of a cold. There is no doubt he will be well tomorrow though because he has a school cricket game!

So, got to wonder ... maybe my head is full of running rather than mothering? LMAO!!

So, this morning is usually my shorter, tempo run. My legs are still a bit stiff and tired from Sunday so I wasn't sure whether I'd try and run faster, figured I'd decide once I started. I gave it a go at my normal starting point, but only lasted about 1.5km, and then just ran steadily to another road where I knew it was about the end 1km that I usually run faster and tried to run that faster, but really was too tired and didn't do much pushing at all. I'm fine with that, got to listen to the body sometimes, especially when I know I've got a 13km to run tomorrow!

6.6km - 36:24min

Right, off to the next "way too busy Tuesday" pick-up - Rhiannon from Hip Hop, then dropping her straight to netball!

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