Thursday, February 4, 2010

Four down, one to go ...

That is children, out of the house to their respective education facilities! Got to say my 18yo who is the last one to return to school (as I type he is just coming home to disturb my lovely, first time in seven weeks, quiet house). Anyway Mr 18yo is off to university this year and is driving me nuts ... even though we've talked (and yes, nagged and nagged) about saving money for the last couple of years he has been way more interested in socialising etc than actually saving. So now, its crunch time ... and of course for some reason its all my fault. I think I'm supposed to be sad, or something, about him leaving home in a week ... but after having more words, again, this morning ... well I can't see me missing him in a hurry, sad yes that the first one is leaving, sad that he is going to go live in a hostel with four other people who might just get annoyed at the same things I do (dishes that don't go in the dishwasher, towels that get dropped on the floor etc)? no! He needs it. To remind me that we're not really bad parents and a most of it is down to personality? The other four seem more than capable at saving money and picking up after themselves!

Anyway ... I needed to get that off my chest ... and I bet you thought this was a running blog!

So on to running ... THANK YOU Morgan and Andrew for your comments - Morgan you had me in a slight panic, tempo? speed? hills? Eeeek! I'm just concentrating on getting the miles in LOL But actually when I look at my running week, I DO do a tempo run each week, usually at least one of my short run days I concentrate on pushing myself and seeing how fast I can run it ... I went and read up on tempo running, and although I'm not doing it exactly right, I am pretty much doing what I should be *phew*. As for hills, I've got slack, and knew that before you commented, and fixed it today (more on that later). Andrew, I always like your perspective, I think we've come from the same "place" so its always good to hear what you've got to say :) Anyway, with the pace thing - I'm going to try and run my 11k on Saturday at 6:10/km pace ... this is probably a bit faster than marathon pace, but I want to see how it feels and I'll be making sure we run the 22.5km on Sunday nice and slow. After I've run a half marathon race in a couple of weeks I think I will be able to work out better where I'm at.

This weeks runs?

Tuesday - 6.5km (35:59), tempo run! LOL (next Tuesday I'm going to actually do it properly, run a slower 1km to warm up, 4km pushing it faster and then 1.5km slower to warm down :)).

Wednesday - 11km (1:02:19), probably a little fast, but I tried to stay comfortable the whole run and it all felt good.

Thursday (today) - 8.5km (52:05) - back to my hill work! I had a look and it was 5th of November since I last did this run ... I think I stopped before the half marathon and then never got back into it. So with the kids back at school it is easy to drop them off and then drive up to the carpark and get to it. The last couple of times I did it I managed to run all the way up ... today it was a definite run/walk ... but still faster overall than three months ago. If its a beautiful sunny day next week I'll definitely have to bring my camera ... first 2.5km is rolling valley hills, next 1.8km goes from 50m elevation to 279m elevation ... it is a beautiful view from the top, well worth running up for, but hard work!

Tomorrow is rest day - yay!

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