Friday, February 5, 2010

A few thoughts

Rest day today, love rest day! (actually, sadly, I'm starting to miss running on a rest day ... my husband must be right, I'm addicted!).

Anyway, a few things on my mind ...

  • Weigh in day today. 69.5, finally at the bottom end of where I've been for the last 12 weeks, hopefully I can get below that now. I've been thinking about my eating and I'm going to try and make a few changes, actually sticking totally to WW points would help, I have too many little cheats that I like to deny to myself are happening.
  • I'm obsessing over the 2011 Disney Marathon ... seriously, I've said it before, how amazing would it be to run 42km on the day of your birthday that you turn 42yo, and then even more amazing if it was at a place like Disney? I told my husband last night that we should take the kids to Disneyland next summer holidays, then threw in the idea that perhaps I'd run a marathon at the same time. So obsessed that I've looked at the entry page and wondered if I should just enter and then worry about details later ... oh yeah, I still haven't actually run a marathon yet, I might swear never to do another one after London! Oh and, 2 adults, 4 adult fared children and one child fare = BIG money ... but still, how amazing would it be?
  • Here's the Facebook message my older sister left me yesterday -
"hi just had to tell you something before I go grocery shopping...I was running this afternoon and a lady in one of those kapiti health white cars stopped me..she was quite excited...she said to me " youre Lisa arnt you? Youre running London Marathon, I saw your write up in paper"..I then told her no im not you that im ...your sister...she was surprised and asked me if i was going to london with you...i said no that youre taking your hubby....funny...come to think of it i have had people say hi to me lately and i dont know"

Ha Ha! About 20yrs ago when I was a lot thinner and Dianna was just a bit bigger we used to get mistaken as each other all the time (she is 6yrs older than me, so not sure if its a compliment to me!) ... then she got thinner (we're about the same build, but she is about 52kg (115lb)), and I got fatter and it didn't happen quite as much ... now I'm not as fat, its starting to happen again.

Tomorrow is Marathon Pace day ... we'll see how that goes - I've given girls' cricket duties to Husband, I also have a s**tload of delivering to do, so the plan is to run and then go out on my bike, I suspect it is a good four hours worth ... probably not the best thing to do before Sunday's long run but I don't really want to do them afterwards so I haven't got a lot of choice, I'll take it easy and hope that it doesn't tire me out too much before Sunday.

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