Saturday, February 13, 2010


Last week at Weight Watchers when we went around at the end to find out our week's goals ... I said "survive" ... I knew last week was going to be a busy one! I worked 8.30-5.00 on Tuesday, and then had a Stamping (card making) class at my house on Tuesday night, the usual delivering and folding the kids' pamphletts for their paper run on Monday, as well as organising class so I could come straight home on Tuesday and be ready. Wednesday I was in work early (I swear that either the women I work with have very low immune systems or are very good at making the most of their sick leave!), Thursday was pretty normal busyiness and yesterday I worked from 8.30-5.00 again. *phew*, I made it through the week in one piece though! I must admit, that eating wise I kinda lost the plot this week, I just couldn't be bothered ... and the fact that eating right is still such hard work, shows I have a long way to go. Actually, my weight stayed about the same all week, so that is fine - I didn't really "blow out" I just didn't eat "losing weight" good.

When I got up this morning and found that the girls' cricket was cancelled, I thought today might be a quietish day, but as the day goes on (and its only just after 10.00am) it is already looking like logistics muddle ... there is a good reason I call myself "Queen of Juggling"! I have delivering to do, which will probably take just over two hours, not too many at all, but I need to bike over the river and right to the other side of Waikanae Beach. But finding those two hours is looking complicated. Cameron needs to be dropped off at cricket at 12.30, which means I can't go now (which probably means I should hop in the shower, I was going to run, breakfast, bike and be home for a nice free afternoon), I need to do some shopping, a few last minute things for Mr 18yo who is leaving tomorrow and a hydration backpack ... which I want before tomorrow's long run. So its looking like cricket drop off, shopping, then home to do delivering - getting home in time to go out to dinner at 6.30. Last family dinner before Mr 18yo leaves! Such, is the story of my life. In fact, I've just realised that Cameron is at cricket, Josh is going to a party which means my two babysitters aren't home this afternoon ... hopefully David Jnr (18yo) is going to be, otherwise I won't be going anywhere! ... so next time a well meaning person says something like "gosh, isn't it amazing how you can fit something into your life if you really want to", can I hit them? (oh, and DH is working today)

Anyway, enough with the rambling.

This morning I ran 11km at Marathon Pace - it is really windy out there today, but running slower you don't seem to notice it as much! 1:07:21 (6:07/km).

Tomorrow is 24km - we're running it at 2.00pm, I never run at any other time except the morning, so I'm a bit nervous about it being hotter and my body not being used to it ... but it should be fine. It's another juggly day, David wants to be in at his hostel at about 10-11am and I'd like to see him off into the big wide world, so it was either leave really early to run (about 6.00am) - which actually, would have been my first choice, but Deirdre isn't a morning person plus her hubby wants to bike with his biking group at 8.00am anyway so afternoon worked better. Cameron is playing a rep match tomorrow which I was hoping to see some of, but that isn't looking likely at this stage!

Okay, off to find that shower ...

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