Friday, February 19, 2010

Mini Taper

Sort of a mini taper ... it is also the "cut back" week on the marathon programme, so it worked well. Mini taper for Wellington Around the Bay's Half Marathon on Sunday! It is only the second year they've run the half marathon at this event, usually it is just the 7km fun run/walk event ... which is one of the bigger running events close to us. I'm looking forward to running the half with about 1000 people, rather than the last couple that have been 1-200 people :)

None of my trusty sisters are running this weekend, Julie my usual running mate is battling injuries, the twins just thought it would be too much of a struggle with lots of people and Macy (the baby) and Dianna is concentrating on her biking ... so its just me from the damily this time. BUT! I have two friends running, my usual running buddy and another mother from gymnastics is doing her first half marathon. I'm picking up Sue and driving us in, parking at work which is very conveniently almost across the road from the start and then Sue's husband is going to pick us up at the other end (don't like those races that don't finish where they start!) and drop me back off at my car. Fingers crossed it all works smoothly because I have to be in Palmerston by 2.00pm to run a stamping/card making class ... so half marathon starts at 8.30, should finish 10.30(ISH), back to the car by 11.30, home by 12.30, very quick shower, need to leave by about 12.45 to be in Palmerston at 2.00pm - its going to be tight!

So my mini taper, I stuck to the programme Tues/Wed, but ran my hill on Wed rather than Thurs. Yesterday (Thurs) and today I've run 6.5km at a pretty easy pace ... I'm going to have my rest day tomorrow so hopefully my legs are fresh for Sunday.

I'm hoping, and expecting (and will be disappointed if I don't!) to at the very least make my 2:06 goal (6.00min/km). I'm aiming for more like 2:03-04. My plan is to start out at 5:50/km and hopefully keep that pace to about 15/16km. At the point I'm going to either find that I was dreaming and started to fast, but should be able to maintain or drop back in pace a bit for the last 5km and still make 2:06. What I'm really hoping is that the tempo training will kick in and I will have enough energy left to actually pick up the pace a bit for the last 5km and run those a bit faster. Here's hoping!

Deirdre who I run my long runs with wants us to race each other ... that works for her. Also Sue I think will be just a wee bit faster than us, so she reckons we should aim to keep up with her. I'm going to have to work really hard at being firm about running my own race! Yep, I'm competitive and would be happy to race and beat them, but I think I know my limitations and I'm better off sticking to my plan and if that just happens to make me faster, well that would be nice ... but beating my friends isn't actually a biggie for me ... I'm very self-motivated and self competitive and thats enough for me :)

Now, lets hope for a NON windy Wellington day! (They don't call it Windy Wellington without good reason though!).

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