Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick Catch Up

Very quick (lucky I type fast!) ... thought I should update somewhat in case anyone thought I'd got lost on my long run or something!

So after my mammoth delivering/biking effort on Saturday, Sunday was long run day - 22.5km, the furtherst I'd run! and actually it wasn't so bad, it took us 2:26 which was pretty slow, but slow is what I'm supposed to be aiming for on the long runs, so all good. My only slight worry is that I was definitely tired and done by the end of it, and really it was only a km and a bit more than a half marathon, so I hope I can go faster without it ending badly at next weeks half marathon. My legs were definitely tired during the run, I felt good breathing/fitness wise, but my legs definitely struggled. So got home, rather tired, dehydration headache (bad me, I've been good up until now at avoiding that) and then had to go out later in the afternoon for what turned out to be another two hours on my bike. Actually, that was probably the best thing, my legs felt good after that - biking definitely loosens those muscles!

Monday was cross training - NO delivering (explains the big amount over the weekend), I did my spin class that night - I looked after my legs a bit there, I didn't put as much into as I could have :)

Tuesday I tried a "proper" tempo run - 6.5km, 1st km warm up, then approx 4km fast and then 1.5km warm down. It all went good except I didn't really slow down that much for the last 1.5km! But I did my first "longer than 5km" run under 5:30/km - yay me :)

Yesterday was my mid-week longish run, 11km 1:01:43 - felt pretty good, I'm feeling strong :)

Today is up the Maungatooks for my hillwork. It will be a slow hard one, my calf muscle is feeling quite tight and I know I'm tired ... we'll take it as it comes :)

Right, girls are waiting for their lunches to be made!

Oh! and big relief, DH got paid half of what he is owed ... enough to pay the extra curriculum activities (girls' dancing, gym, Cam's soccer, cricket etc) AND more importantly, I can book accommodation for our trip, yay!

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