Monday, March 1, 2010

Why is it?

That I look *beep* awful in official running photos? The photos from the half marathon are finally up (and lucky you, I can't copy any of them!) ... and there are a measily three of me, and they all look awful. The one "good" running shot, I look hunched over and have a big open mouth with what looks like gritty teeth - cripes do I really look that bad all the time I'm running? Sheeeeshhhh

Oh yeah AND I still look fat - all these people who keep telling me how fabulous I look and how I don't need to lose anymore ... hello? I can see that extra 5kg even if they can't!

Although, looking at photos like that DOES tell me that, yes, I look hunched up - I need to work on my posture and try and run straighter ... hard to describe, but I look "short", like my knees bend too much and my body is hunched. Something to work on!

Oh well - maybe London, I'll get that perfect running photo?

Onto much happier things ... we ran 28km yesterday, and I feel great! We ran it slow and steady and I felt pretty good the whole way, even when we got back to my house I felt like I could have run a few more km. Poor Deirdre was struggling, the last km or so she kind of fell behind me and I could hear her shuffling, whereas I felt like my feet were still lifting well - I've said it so many times, but the training really does work, I'm amazed that albeit slowly, running 28km really wasn't that bad at all! It took us just over 3hrs, I don't know the exact time because I forgot to press "resume" after our drink and gel break at 18km, it took me a couple of km before I realised there was no music playing my ears (in my defence, I had it on pretty quietly just as a very background noise!). The main thing is though, we did it!

I've been on my bike for four hours today and honestly, my legs are a little tight and one inside ankle ligament feels a bit "stretched" ... but otherwise, I'd hardly believe I'd run that far just yesterday.

So this week - 8km tomorrow which I'll try and put a couple of tempo sets in, 13km on Wed, 8km on Thurs which I'll do up the Maungatooks, 13km again on Saturday and then 29km on Sunday - it's one of the bigger weeks in the schedule!

Hope everyone has had a good running weekend and are looking forward to a good week, wherever you are!