Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sad happenings on "my" hill

Car accident

A group of silly teenagers (skipping school) were obviously joy riding - its not a road you drive up to be going somewhere, when I'm running I will see maybe one or two cars, if any. Usually working cars - road works, power works. It's narrow, windy and steep ... and obviously whoever was driving the ute didn't take that into account. The kids involved were from the same school my two high school aged boys are at, they didn't really know them - not their crowd (thankfully!). I'm incredibly impressed with the school though, the accident happened at about 9.30am, by 3.00pm when they came home they had a notice with exactly what had happened, who had died and who else was involved ... no room for rumours or tall stories at all.

I have to admit to being very relieved it was a Wednesday morning, not a Thursday morning ... the timing was such that I probably would have been right there just as or after it happened - not my idea of fun at all!

So running! Yesterday I ran 13km, having swapped all my days around this week, this was my Saturday run :) ... it was one of the those rare days where I really couldn't be bothered, the legs, the breathing and everything was working just fine ... but my head couldn't wait for it to be done! I realised later that I've run five days straight this week (usually I run two, cross-train, run three, rest), including my long run ... so quite likely I just needed a day off, which I'd planned for today anyway!

Tomorrow Deirdre and I have plans to run the "Campbell Mill" run, I haven't run it but Deirdre tells me it is a good work out. She lives at the bottom of the Maungatook Hill, so we'll run up my usual hill, but then carry on further - I think you turn off and carry on up ... not as steep as the Maungatooks, but a few more hard hills, I think going by Deirdre's time to run it (about 1:20), its probably about 13-15km ... I should be running 21km, but I figure the hard hills should make up the difference, and it should be fun!

If it turns out Deirdre is busy (we can't all have later afternoon/evening jobs like me, leaving the mornings free to run!), I'll do the 21km on the flat.

Righty, off to do some delivering on my bike, have a good day everyone!

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  1. I am soooooo behind with blogs. My life has been chaotic to say the least lately but I had to stop in and check because London is coming soon!!!

    It sounds like you're doing fantastic!! I loved Spirit of the Marathon... and DH's favourite shoes (at the moment) are his Mizunos (I'm a Gel Nimbus gal, myself)...

    Good luck with your next few weeks of training :)