Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm such a Goober

Here's part of the email I wrote to the travel agent yesterday

Also - do we get some sort of confirmation letter or something from the marathon people? Reading all the info on their site I think we need something when we turn up at the Expo to collect our numbers?
Don't mind me ... it's getting close and I'm starting to panic about all the details - or that it might just be a big joke, and someone will jump out and say ha ha I fooled you!

Seriously, as I'm training sometimes I start to think, what say this isn't real? What say I'm doing this all for nothing? ... I know, nuts ... but it is like a dream really :)

And never fear, she answered me with a reassuring, yes its definitely real and the travel envelope will be couriered to me next week sometime!

So, yesterday ... I did my 15km bike ride, then 5km run. Both were really good - but gosh that getting off your bike and then running is a really strange feeling, I couldn't really feel my legs properly until I'd run a couple of k's! Once I could feel them, they felt pretty good, especially after running my long run the day before.

Today I ran my 8km at 6.00am ... way earlier than I'm used to, and it was dark! I never run in the dark and I have to say that our street lighting is really bad in some places, I also very rarely run on the road, but I was this morning because I was worried about not seeing a drive way dip. It should have been a tempo run, but that just seemed too hard so I ran a "fastish" easy pace for the whole run. Ended up being 5:40/km ... which I'm happy with!

I also have to say I take my hat off to people who commute in rush hour every day - normally, with the odd hours I work, it takes me about 45-50min to commute into the city, this morning I left home at 7.30am and didn't get into the office until 8.50am ... I'd go nuts if I did that every day, and that's with being able to use a carpark in the office building ... so direct from my front door to the office. I also admire those people that get up early every morning before work to run ... I've been one tired puppy all day after getting up before 6.00am.

Tomorrow is 13km, I'm going to take that pretty easy. I really need to let my body and muscles rest a bit before next weeks hard week!

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  1. Girl I would be right there with you! I'm a nervous nancy enough as it is before races, when I was putting together my travel plans for Chicago on top of the race I was pulling out my hair! LOL!