Monday, March 29, 2010

A Garmin before Easter?

I hope so! I just ordered the 405, I'm a bit nervous, I've read the reviews and I don't think this one is as reliable as the 205/305, but I also really cannot see me wearing a bigger bulkier one. I would have loved green but none of the websites in NZ seemed to have the green, only the black. I love lime green! LOL I did order it through what seemed to be a reputable, good (not parallel import) company so hopefully that means if there are problems at least I have the option of sending it back in to be fixed.

I tweeted about it, my husband came back with "I have no idea what it is, a small dog?" LOL I talked to him later and he wondered if it was something to do with my relatives (he was being silly), as my mother's maiden name is Garmonsway ... that should be good luck, right? When I explained what it was he then sounded very cautious as he asked me if I remembered what my track record with watches is like ... um, yeah, I've lost a few and haven't worn one for years because I always lose them, I assured him it was a training tool, I'd only wear it while I was training and then it would sit in a charger ... it will be fine!

I do feel guilty about spending the money, but (and here comes the woman justification thing) my Nike+ is driving me crazy, I just can't get it to callibrate right so I'm trying to run at marathon pace, checking my pace and doing a quickish calculation based on what I "think" the difference should be. Deirdre my running partner will laugh at me, she thinks I need to relax more and just run. But I'm a numbers girl, an analytic girl and working to pace and coming home and working it all out is half the fun for me (it's that inner geek!).

So, talking about the running thing. I ran on Saturday even though I knew it was going to hurt my back/shoulder socket/whatever is hurting ... and it did. It was fine while I was running up until the last couple of kms and then it started hurting, including shooting up to my neck. I came home and sat with a bag of frozen peas on it for a while. It wasn't actually worse than the Friday after that, but still sore ... and I was scared (and am still scared) that I'm damaging something that isn't going to fix easily and I've only got FOUR weeks until marathon day! So yesterday I didn't run and didn't bike, had a complete rest day (which I'd planned to do anyway) and went to the pharmacy and bought some Voltarin to hopefully really hit at it. It didn't seem to be doing anything until yesterday evening at some point I thought gosh, the pain is finally going, yay, the anti-inflammatories must have finally hit the right place. Much more comfortable sleep last night and this morning it doesn't feel too bad at all. I took voltarin this morning, but I think I'll leave it after that and see how it feels after my run tomorrow. I have been biking/delivering today and it is still good. I can still feel it, but I can lean on my hand/arm now without yelping. I also booked a massage for tomorrow morning in hope that that will loosen whatever needs loosening. Tomorrows 8km will be interesting, I'm going to take it easy ... so fingers crossed! I think Deirdre and I are going to run the Campbell Mill run on Thursday so I'll swap my 8km on Thursday to Wednesday and run Wednesday's 13km on Thursday ... two days of short easy runs will hopefully help the recovery as well.

S0, lots of hoping today, hoping my Garmin arrives before this weekend so I can run my long run with it on Sunday, and hoping my sore socket/whatever is on the way to recovery and stays that way!

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  1. I'd be interested in hearing your views on the 405 after a bit of use. I've got a 305 and am toying with upgrading at the end of the year.