Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February Totals

Just because I'm a big copy-cat and I've seen other bloggers doing it!

Total Km Feb: 239.4km (148.75 miles)
Total so far for 2010: 437.5km (271.6 miles)
Furthest Run: 28km (17 mile)

On track? Yeah baby :)

I tried to work out my average pace, but with all the places I record my running, I couldn't find an easy way of doing just February!

So this morning I ran the first "short" run of the week - my Tuesday tempo run. Training plan has upped the distance to 8km, so I worked out that 1/2.5/1/2.5/1 should work. Ran the 1st "warm up" km, then pushed the speed for the next 2.5km - first 2.5km was good! Tired and ready for the recovery 1km by the end of it though. Second 2.5km I struggled to keep up a good speed, definitely worked myself a good workout which is the main priority, but I wasn't as fast as the first 2.5km. Then slowed down and ran the last 1km home. Still my fastest time for that particular route though! 42:54 (7.9km) - go me :)

This afternoon is our nutso Tuesday - Charlotte Jazz 4.15-5.00 then gym from 5.00-7.00, Rhiannon Touch Training (which Cameron coaches so I have to pick him up from school ready for straight after school practice at the primary school) 3.00-4.00, then Hip Hop from 5.00-6.00, then netball training from 5.30-7.00 (obviously she misses half an hour, we haven't learnt that magic trick of being in two places at one time yet!). I keep saying I'm Ms Queen Juggler!

As for our big overseas trip - on Saturday I booked the rest of our London accommodation (the prize only allowed for two nights) and booked tourist and travel passes for London and Paris ... that put a major dent in our bank account, but so relieved to have it done - now all I have to worry about is accommodation for Paris and LA and then spending money, and I suppose money to feed us for two weeks! It is all coming together and I'm starting to get really excited now!


  1. Now that is some impressive mileage. Great training.
    Are you flying NZ Airlines? I heard they are putting sleepers in coach. Now that is really something for those long, very long flights.

  2. That's a bit cheap! Only providing two nights when you'd need a bit more to get ready for the race!