Friday, March 19, 2010

Goal Weight

No, not quite there yet, and what is it anyway? For ages I have been saying 65kg is my goal weight. At Weight Watchers this morning I said how about we actually measure me propery and work out what my WW goal weight is, originally I planned to bypass their goal weight and stick to my 65km ideal, but the weight is coming off so slowly now and I'm paying nearly $20.00 each week to be weighed, which I do at home anyway. BUT I still need to go - it keeps me on track and keeps me accountable knowing I've got a meeting each week, it works for me.

Anyway - they measured me as tall as possible, including leaving my slip on shoes on (probably about 1cm gained height, so my "official" Weight Watchers height is 165cm (5"5'), which makes my official goal weight 68kg. Today I weighed in at 68.3kg (yeah, 100g MORE than two weeks ago - I know from my scales I gained about 1kg in the last couple of days, probably the hummus and rice crackers I demolished in one sitting ... or just usual woman cycles). Anyway ... that is 0.3kg (0.66lb) off goal!!!

I feel like its a bit of a cheat, and I know in my heart that that is not my true goal ... but it will be nice to be there, talk about maintenance, do the maintenance thing before I go away (and really, although doing the WW maintenance thing, I'll still be aiming to lose more!).

I also need a push at the moment, and to lose 0.3kg this week will hopefully be the push I need to stay totally on track this week, sometimes a little goal makes all the difference!

So wish me luck ... I'm hoping for a "Lisa's First" accomplishment next week (I've done WW for years and years off and on, and never got near goal ... this is actually really big, but for some reason I'm having trouble getting excited, probably because I know its not my "true" goal).

I'm also only 1.5kg off losing 30kg ... I'm really excited about getting to that, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I'm picking there will be lots of small accomplishments over the next few weeks if I can just stick to eating well (WW goal, 30kg lost, healthy BMI, "my" goal).

Running - I tried to run 8km marathon pace this morning (aiming for 6:10/km), since I've had my new shoes my ipod Nike has been recording extra length (eg 13.6km instead of 13.1km), so this morning I tried to resync it, I ran 1km, pressed the right buttons and then carried on for the other 7km. Checked my pace, 6:30/km what??? I'm not going that slow?! sped up until I had it telling me I was at about 6:13, and knew I was running faster than that. Tried to just keep a steady slow pace, got home and it measured it at 6.5km .... grrrrrrrrr, I'm so annoyed. I'm going to have to try and go out before our 32k run tomorrow and try and resync it again, I really want it to be recording right when we do our big run.

Have I mentioned I want a Garmin Forerunner? Really really want? ... but $500 is better spent on overseas accommodation and travel right now, if husband's %&#&& work would just pay him the money they owe him I could buy one! Not sure that is a priority he will be mentioning when pushing them for the money though ;) Talking about Garmins (can you tell I'm avoiding housework before I go to work?), 405 or 305? I really really like the look of the 405, I don't like things around my wrists at the best of times, I don't wear a watch, bracelets annoy me ... so the 405 looks a much better size (even with being overweight I have small skinny wrists ;)), but I've read reviews (not obsessing at all, honestly!) it doesn't sound the best? Or is that the typical "always some moaners out there"? The 205/305 looks really really bulky to me, I'm not sure I'd handle wearing it ... but it has better reviews. Expert opinions? Cuz you know ... that was going to be my reward when I reached goal weight, I could justify it, IF the money came through :)


  1. Congrats on your weight loss. 0.3kg is really nothing, a couple of glasses of water or... a small container of hummus :) (I LOVE HUMMUS!!! - can you see me drooling now?)
    I used to have 305 for 2.5yrs. It finally died but I really loved it. I did not get 405 because I need a larger window, I like to have 4 data fields (405 has max 3), and I heard that the bezel drives people nuts so they end up locking it.
    My hubby surprised me with 310xt (yeah, my 305 died conveniently just before my b-day) and I love it. It finds satellites faster than 305. The battery lasts much longer so I can use it on our long, long hikes. It is waterproof, which for me is a big plus also.
    Other than that it is not that different from 305 and those sell now for much less. If not for the b-day surprise I would have bought another 305.

  2. Congratulations on all the weight loss! Incredible! I'm exactly that height and looking forward to 68kg someday! :)

    I have a Garmin 310XT and I love it (despite it randomly chaning my user setting to a 40yo 150lb Male at some point) but I haven't tried any of the other models to make a comparison.

  3. I've heard a few bad things about the 405 as well. I've got a 305 that is a brick but it's fantastic.

    Hoping you hit goal next week!