Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Loving the Mizunos!

Now my blister on the my heel has healed (heel, healed ha ha), I've put the Mizunos back on and I've just finished my third run in them ... they feel great, definitely lighter and whether its the shoes, the training, whatever, I'm a running a little faster and easier :) The only problem I am having is my third toe is mushing against my second toe and rubbing the nail into it. I clipped the nail yesterday hoping it would solve it, but it didn't, it was still rubbing this morning. I'll have to be sure to put a plaster or something around the second toe before I go out on Friday. Let me say here, I ALWAYS have trouble with blisters etc with any new shoes, one of the great things about the Asics is that I never did ... not sure whether that means they are my shoe or not, or just good luck - but I know from experience that after a while the new shoes will be fine, I tend to take a bit to break new shoes in (whether running or normal shoes ... hence I've never ever been a "shoe" gal).

A quick summary of my runs this week (I'm running a day ahead because we're doing our long run on Saturday, rather than Sunday, this week) -

Monday - Tempo run - 1km/2.5km/1km/2.5km/1km - 42:29
Tuesday - 13km run - 1:13:32
Wednesday - Hill run - 8.5km - 51:27

Wow, the wind was BRUTAL this morning - the first 2km I was running straight into it - hard, freezing cold, southerly - yuck! Best thing was, on the way back it was an easy run! Looking at my Nike ipod stats it says I was running about 5:05/km on the way back ... pity that with the new shoes I know its slightly wrong - probably more like 5:10-15 ... but even that is fast for me ... worth the really hard first 2km to enjoy coasting back to the car! Up the hill it winds so the wind kind of comes and goes so its not so bad ;)

Now ... on to weight ... interesting couple of weeks. Last week I lost the plot with my eating, it seems to happen to me every now and again, I just can't face eating right and eat crap for a week. Actually, I don't really eat the crap I used to - but I did buy my lunch nearly every day last week - my choices are better (no cream donuts or high fat takeaways!), but still not good, and I was pick, pick, pick at everything. According to the scales I whacked at least 1kg on, very annoyed with myself. But, as I know also happens, this week my head is back in the right place and "boom!" I've lost that 1kg plus some. I wonder sometimes whether our bodies just need to relax sometimes, definitely I think the mind does! For me though, it really is still a continuous battle to make good choices, how long do you think it takes before the good habits I'm trying to teach myself just become normal and without thought? Ever?

Anyway, big picture is ... the training is still going unbelievably great, there are only a couple of weeks of hard training left and I'm still waiting for the "extremely hard", "feeling extremely tired", "not wanting to go out for a run" feelings, because they just haven't happened :)


  1. I know I need to watch what I eat all the time. I don't mind that much, I would rather do that than be fat.
    My blister solution for where toes rub against each other are injinji socks. Toe socks. When it gets really hot in CA they are priceless.

  2. I think you are on to something with that shock to the system. It seems to work for me IF I can get right back on plan the next week. Normally it's a bit of a struggle if I stray too much.

  3. I love my Asics. Wouldn't trade them for anything. My wife swears by New Balance, but every time I run in them my knees end up hurting.

    Never tried the Mizunos though.