Friday, March 5, 2010

I've added/changed a couple of things

I've finally added my sponsorship link - my family and friends keep telling me I need to put myself out there, but that's a scary thing to do! So I've put it on my blog ... that at least a few people read, is that putting myself out there? LOL I've had lots of offers for other people to contact the local newspaper etc ... but its scary, and honestly I don't think I'm *that* much of an inspiration, I'm really rather ordinary!

So anyway - it is there, definitely don't think I'm pushing anything, because I'm not ... I'm not a pushy person, but its there, like everyone keeps telling me to do - happy "everyone"???

I've also changed my weight loss ticker, I've very bravely put my original weight - I don't really like to admit how much I weighed, I still don't feel like I weighed that much ... but there it is, I did ... and instead of feeling bad about it, I need to start feeling proud and happy about how far I've come :)

I went and got my feet properly fitted today ... but I'll write about that tomorrow, it's bedtime for me now!

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