Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Magic massage that is :) I've never had a massage, I hate being touched ... don't run and hug me when you meet me for the first time, I'm a live in a bubble kind of girl. So, even before this running lark people would say you should get a massage, you're so busy, take time for yourself, get a massage ... um, no, not many clothes, somebody I don't know touching me ... ah, no. All the runners I know keep saying, get a massage, and I have thought, yeah I should ... but, um maybe not.

So my shoulder/back/neck is obviously muscular, I'm scared, so I decided to listen and get that massage. Lucky for me, Deirdre goes to one regularly so could recommend her, and also mentioned she is a runner and has run a marathon, okay all good - I've also been worried about getting someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

30min appointment, 40min spent on my knotted, tight, shoulder/back/neck and it feels soooooo much better. Sore to touch where she has poked and prodded, but that is probably usual for me - the couple of times I've been to a physio I've warned them I bruise easily, the first time the poor woman was aghast and looked so guilty when I went back for a 2nd appointment a few days later and I was covered in bruises where she'd poked and pushed. I have a feeling I'll be bruised after today ... so the "outside" is sore, but the "inside" feels sooooooo much better. Still stiff, and I can feel it, but I know even if its sore again by the end of the weekend I have another appointment next Tuesday that should loosen it all again, and after that its tapering and time for it to heal. Hopefully it will be all fine!

So today, 8km run - fairly easy pace - 43:52 (5:33/km).


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe your marathon is that close!!!

    I'm so excited that you're getting a Garmin!! I have the 205 and DH has the 305, I have very small wrists and I have to say, the size doesn't bother me a bit since I only wear it while running. DH's marathon buddy has the 405 and I don't think he's had any accuracy problems with it... I wouldn't worry about it. You will LOVE it. It's soooo much easier to use than the things that you have to synchronize with your stride :)