Friday, March 26, 2010

I did it!

Yep - hit goal weight :) Helped by running this morning, but I ran last week as well and still lost 1.3kg for the week, that controlling your snacks inbetween meals sure does work.

July 2008 - 96.8kg (212lb)
March 2010 - 67.0kg (147.4lb)
Total Loss - 29.8kg (65.5lb)

This is my Weight Watchers goal, I still want to get to 65kg (143lb). Yeah, I look 10x better, I'm 10x fitter but I still fit in a 12/14, I'd be happier in a 10/12, plus I think I'd run better ... its all in the details :)

But I'm happy! When I started at Weight Watchers for the upteenth time, I never imagined reaching goal weight, I just wanted to get to a "normal" weight, its only been the last few months I've dared to believe that I could actually do it.

I have to thank my good friend - RUNNING!! The weight really started moving when I started and finished the C25K programme, then upping it to 10km. I'm not sure what would have happened without the amazing spot prize to run the London Marathon, I like to think that I would still be running, but probably not training for a marathon. When my sister and I ran the 10k where I won the prize we had said while we were running that next year we would do the half marathon, so quite likely I would be just starting to train for my first half marathon now. It would be amazing to be able to see what would have happened if that "little" thing hadn't happened, know what I mean?

So to the running thing, its been a week since I updated and I've done a bit of running in that time :) Including, how could I forget? The big 32km (20mile) run last Saturday! It went really well, by the time we got home after 3hrs30min I was tired and my body was starting to hurt, but most of the run I felt great, slow steady pace the whole way. What really blew me away is that the next day my legs hardly hurt at all, so amazing that your body can be trained to run that distance and manage it to a point where it doesn't even hurt.

Monday I ran an early morning (6am, in the dark) 8km, 45min something, quite slow ... maybe from tired legs, maybe because it was dark and there were parts I was scared of tripping.

Tuesday I ran with Deirdre and one of her running friends, Maria. We ran up the Maungatooks over the top to the four wheel drive place and then back again, nice to run with friends and a good hill work out - it took us 50min, so probably about 8km, which conveniently is exactly what my training programme said to do.

Wednesday was another 8km, 42:39, I decided to skip the tempo run and just run comfortable, so quite a good time. I think I was subconsciously rushing because I knew I needed to get home, have a shower and be ready for the local newspaper reporter to come and interview me. I'm pretty sure it was this run where I've injured myself! Me of no injuries ... not ankles, knees, hips, hamstrings ... not my legs at all, but my back where the moving arm kind of rubs at the shoulder blade, does that make sense?

Rest day yesterday - but I had delivering to do, in fact a couple of days worth to do because I worked all day Monday and have been a day behind all week so yesterday was catch up day. My arm/back felt "okay" until last night when I had to do some filing and pushing the hole punch down hurt.

13km marathon pace today, 1:19:53, pretty much bang on pace which was good! Came home and my arm/back hurt lots, darn it. I've taken a antiflammatory pain killer and I'm hoping that does the trick. I'll run my 19km tomorrow but then Sunday I plan on a total rest day, and then to get me back to my normal training days, I won't run, but will bike on Monday so hopefully by Tuesday it will come right, fingers crossed. Otherwise I might have to run and only move one arm!

Right, time to pretty myself up and get ready for work ... this week has been non-stop, I'm looking forward to what looks like a reasonably quiet weekend!


  1. You SHOULD be happy! *confetti, streamers* Congratulations!

    It is really eerie to think of 'might have beens'.

  2. Congrats! That is a huge accomplishment and worthy of far more of a celebration! You've come a long ways! Cheers to you!

  3. Well done! I'm especially impressed with that 32km run!

  4. Congrats! what a great accomplishment