Friday, January 1, 2010

Long time ... no write!

Happy 2010!! It is New Years Day here today, so what better time to get back on the blogging wagon!

November/December are always busy busy months here - lets see if I can remember enough for a quick re-cap ... a couple of things, like my second half marathon! I'll write something longer over the next few days :)

S0, from my last post on the 18th of November ...

3 Birthdays - Charlotte's 8th (on 19th Nov), Rhiannon's 11th (on 11th Dec) and Cameron's 14th (on 20th Dec).

Finish of the school year -
David's last year at high school = lots of organising for university and hostel living next year (awards for service to School Council and contribution to school via being a peer mediator for one of the first year classes).
Josh's finish of 2nd year at high school = award for achievement in health (got to feel sorry for Josh he is the very quiet hardworking type that teachers don't notice - I was that personality and its hard!).
Cameron's finish of 1st year at high school = awards for outstanding achievement in Math and PE, outstanding achievement for contribution to cricket (he captains the school 1st year team plus captains the region's representative team), diligence in Social Studies and English AND award for being top in PE (yes, he is our over achiever ... with that twinkle in his eye that teachers DO notice).
Rhiannon's last year of middle age at school, she is in the "senior" part of primary school next year - lots of awards for service to the school - librarian, road patrol and a few others - she is our "always wanting to help" child ;)
Charlotte's finish up of her 3rd year at school - no awards at this age, but if she got any it would be personality of the year, or making the teacher laugh the most with her stories (I hate to think sometimes, when you're the youngest of five and have three teenage brothers ... I'm sure a lot of her stories aren't what you'd expect from a sweet 8yo girl's mouth! LOL).

What else have I been doing? My last few Stamping classes for the year, organising Christmas for our family, last Board of Trustee (for the school) duties - including making decisions on what to do with a poor lost boy who threatened someone with a screw-driver, hopefully next year will see lots of intervention and help for him ... and I'm getting side tracked.

We had the end of year dance performances as well ... which involved sewing up the girls' costumes - now I like sewing and can do the basics, but those costumes are way too much stress each year, all cut out ready to go - but no spare pieces, the pressure of making sure your child hasn't got the costume that looks "wrong" ... wayyyyy too much pressure for this Mama! But done, the girls had a great time ... and I'll conveniently forget how stressful it is until next (this!) year when we do it all again.

Oh, and I HAVE been running too - I ran a half marathon on the 12th of December, I put lots of pressure on myself wanting to run it in 2:06, managed it in 2:09:20 - nothing wrong with that at all - but the short tale, I went out too fast - the first half was 1:03, but was really tired for the second half ... ran the whole way, but it was definitely hard work! Looking back, I think my body was just plain tired from a busy month. Anyway, in other running, I've started my marathon training and am 2nd week in ... so far so good - but this is the easy part!

Weight wise, I've lost and gained the same 1-2kg way too many times and decided after the half marathon that I really really need to drop the last 5kg if I want to run better ... and um, I still haven't lost any of it ... but new year, new resolutions ... hopefully over the next month before marathon training gets really hard I will lose it!

That's the quick version ... hopefully I'll be back over the next few days to fill you in on training etc :)

Oh, and I just set a goal on Nike+ to run 2010km in 2010 ... I'm hoping I'll still have the running "bug" after the marathon, and that will be a great goal to keep me motivated :)

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