Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday = Cross Training Day

and cross training = Spin class for me today, yay! I love that spin class! Bit naughty really the training programme definitely says "easy" cross training, and normally this takes care of itself as I do my delivering on my bike and as Dad and I do it together, and he and my mother go shopping on a Monday - normally Monday is a definitely biking day. But today is a holiday, and is the 4-5 days off per month we get every month, so spin class it was. Also while I'm off work and can fit in with the gym timetable I'm trying to do two spin classes a week for the weight loss - normally on a Tuesday and Thursday when I'm only running 5km which seems such a short run. We're off to Wanganui all day tomorrow to watch 14yo Cam play cricket, so no spin class = working out well to do it today.

I'm really really going to hate going back to work in a couple of weeks, because I work 2 evenings (6.30-11.30) and an afternoon/evening (2.30-9.00) ... and commute via a 50min drive into Wellington, there is no way I make the evening classes, the early morning classes are 5.50am, and well working evenings I need sleep so just don't do mornings well (plus the wee fact that it is pretty scary driving home when you can't keep your eyes open, believe me, after a couple of drives like that I make sure I get the sleep!) - if life isn't too busy I make the Tuesday morning 9.30am class and this is it. Oh well, in a few weeks I'll be doing enough running that I won't be contemplating spin classes anyway!

Good news today is that I'm on to day 2 of no Diet Coke and today was definitely easier than yesterday, yesterday I wanted one alllllll day and ate crap (as in the evil packet of liquourice allsorts and evil box of biscuits left over the Christmas) all day ... grrrrrrr so much to sticking to my eating plan 100%! Anyway, today was a good day, lots of water, no coke and sticking to my eating plan - I made a yummy vegetarian lasanaga for dinner that, even though filled with Kumura, peppers, onion and zuccini the kids all seemed to enjoy as well (always a bonus!).

Tomorrow I need to wake up early to run 5km and then get the girls and I organised and out the door by about 8.30am, we are definitely out of school/work mode so it won't be an easy task!

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