Sunday, January 3, 2010

Running with a Buddy

So, today was my long run - 14.5km (9mile) on the training programme. Also first time running with who I think will be my training partner - still not sure I'm totally sold on the idea! LOL

Anyway, it was fine, we ran at a really nice pace - she is a little unfitter than me, so I slowed slightly, but I NEED to slow on my long runs so it was a good combination. The run went by pretty quickly with having someone to talk to, so all good :)

14.2km - 1:28 - 6:13/km - that was with Dee stopping for a toilet break, so infact I was probably pretty close to my 6:00/km which is what I like to sit at.

Today is also my last slow lazy days of the holidays, DH is back at work next week, and its time for me to start de-cluttering and organising this messy house for another busy year! I still have two weeks off work, and in that time I really do need to get classes planned and ready for the next few months, as I said, decluttering done and just generally getting myself as organised as possible ... I know those couple of months before the marathon are going to be hard work so hopefully the more organised and prepared I can get now will make it easier then!

Hope you all have a nice runfilled weekend :)

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  1. Sounds like a great run. :)

    That marathon is creeping closer isn't it!