Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well, that was the last 5km for a while

I know I've felt for the last few weeks that 5km seems to short when you are supposed to be training for a marathon, but I think I'm going to miss knowing that I've "only" got to run 5km, it's only half an hour ... pretty okay, no matter how I'm feeling. Short runs from now on are 6.5km (4 mile), I've got a 7km block I run, so I'll be running that rather than the exact 6.5km.

Anyway, what have I been doing the last few days? Working, can't you tell? I can't sign on to blogger at work, I wish I could, it would be easy to slot in a blog entry or two there ... I'm a word processing operator, as long as I'm clacking away on the key board it looks/sounds like I'm working hard! Yeah, working, delivering plus one of the woman I work had her mother die the Monday we all started back at work, she had been sick just before Christmas and I think in re-hab but obviously wasn't well enough to make it. So anyway, I've been starting earlier and working a couple of extra shifts so only time to breathe, deliver, run and work!


Sunday - long run (19km). I ran with Deirdre again, after worrying about running with someone else, whether I really wanted to (I'm a bit of a loner kind of gal), etc ... I think its working well. We had a great run on Sunday, she is really good at keeping me to a slower pace and I think I'm really good at digging in and keeping going, which is what she needs, so we're a good combination. It took us pretty much exactly 2hrs to run the 19km, that was with a trip - land straight on her face and legs, ouchy! for Dee and a toilet stop for Dee ... looking at my ipod stats when we were running we were pretty consistently at 6:10-6:15 which is about where I'd want to be - with the stops it was 6:23/km. I'm also wayyyy more technical than her, she would just run for a couple of hours, I'm anal about sticking to the distances my programme says to run ... as I say, the two combined makes for a good combination ;)

Monday - I worked all day and then made spin class at night, love my spin class - I've told myself that when it starts getting hard I'll have to stop it ... but its still working so I'll keep doing it.

Tuesday - 8km - I tried to run this fast, just because I felt good and wanted to. Managed it in 43:12 which is my fastest time for that route (actually 7.9k according to mapmyrun). Felt pretty good, but there was no sprint/fast finish left me at the end! Plus we've actually had summer hit (at last!) so its pretty hot out there now too.

Today - 5km - I was tired this morning, whether it was yesterday's effort, or (and I suspect is the case) working and getting home at 1.00am, I'm not sure - but my body felt tired. I took it pretty easy, still managed 27:43 which is a pretty good time for me, so all good :)

Rest day and weigh in day tomorrow ... I didn't report last weeks weigh in because I am frustrated, still frustrated. Last week I "officially" put on 100g but I know I put on more than that - when I run on WI day I always lose about 500g and last week I swapped days around to adjust for Sunday's race and Monday's long run so ran on Friday morning. This week, I'm looking about the same again ... which in a confused world means I have actually probably lost a few hundred grams of what I put on last week ... but darn it ... it shouldn't be such hard work to drop the weight with all the exercise I'm doing! I admit to not being perfect, I'm eating good meals but snacking IS a problem, but then again, my snacking is so much better than it has been, I'll keep working at it - I'm determined to drop this last 5kg!

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