Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yay! It's the Weekend

The sudden shock of work last week reminded me that my life sure does get busy, and school isn't even back yet (so Saturday cricket, Jazz ballet, Gymnastics etc hasn't even started yet). That's okay ... this is my year of becoming organised, first up is getting a "To Do" notebook to keep me on track, hopefully!

So training? Seems to have been hard work this week, Wednesday's 10km and Thursday's 5km were very sluggish and seemed to take a long time (10k = 57min, 5k = 28:10), not that bad really. I'm putting it down to my body suddening being thrown back to getting home from work and to bed after 1.00am again, I don't actually feel sleepy tired (I've been making sure I sleep until 8ish each morning), but I suppose my body would feel it in ways I don't even notice!

So Friday morning (yesterday), I ummmed and ahhhhed about running another 5km or just giving my body a rest, I decided to run and felt so much better ... so was good to get out there (5k = 27:50). Today I've made my rest day, tomorrow is the Paekakariki Road Race (10k) and Monday is 19km. Tomorrow's race will be interesting, I've looked at the last couple of years results about 60-70 runners, and obviously practically all "serious" runners - the Harrier club organises it and its obviously mostly the club that come and run, not the "fun" runners. Going by the results from the last couple of years, my hopefully about 57:30 (my 10k during the week is actually about 9.9k) will put me about last! ... and I thought I was getting speedy ;). I'm not at all worried, I'm quite happy to run at my pace - I'm not going to push it too hard, I need to save my body a bit for my long run the next day. As of today my older sister (Dianna) and younger sister (Julie) are running the 15k, I'm running the 10k and my younger sisters (Georgie and Stephie) are walking the 10k, and of course Cameron is running the 5k ... they're hoping for 100 entrants this year, we'll be helping them along quite a bit!

It is a 5k circuit - little 'ole Paekakariki is only a very small village, and looking on map my run they have to add a couple of little "bits" to make it 5km :)

Oh! and I bought my new shoes :) So far so good, I've worn them for my last two 5k runs - they are Asics GT2150 (my last ones were 2140), the only thing I've maybe noticed is that the soles of my feet feel burny hot? I hope that doesn't mean there is something funky going on about my feet and the way they touch the inner soles of the shoe ... and just to make you laugh, the day I bought my shoes we went "shoe shopping", as well as my shoes we went and bought cheap running ones for Cameron, two pairs of black school shoes for Cam and Josh, a pair of trainers for Rhiannon and a pair of trainers for Charlotte. My shoes cost $100 more than all the other pairs put together, crikey!

Okay, dokes, I'm off to Georgie's house to meet up with my other sisters for a bit of sisterly gossip :)

BTW - I also do have two brothers ... the youngest (my baby brother - only 26yo!) is in Perth and my older brother, couple of years older than me, is only a 40min drive away but he's not into the running thing and I think his partner is freaked out by her six close SILs. On another rambling interesting note - both my brothers' partners are called Lisa, what are the odds of that? I reckon its because they admire their favourite sister so much!

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