Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not a lot to say!

But I'm trying to be good at updating regularly, so figured I should write something!

Hard to believe that I'm starting Week 4 (of 18) in the training programme this week - this is the week it starts stepping up, 17.5km on Sunday - its been a while since I've run that far. Tomorrow goes from 8km to 10km and so does Saturday.

Did my 5km block this morning - 27:44, I was kinda pushing it, but not really - in fact trying not to push it really, as the mileage picks up I need to just be concentrating on getting the distance in!

Spin class last night, a late one at 7.30pm which I thought might mean I was sore or tired this morning, but didn't feel too bad at all and really it probably means my body is just getting used to the spinning and after this week I'll be pushed to fit those classes in - over the next few weeks I think I'll keep trying to do the Monday night one, it is a cross training day and Tuesday's run is always a shorter one so it should keep working for a little while, at least until school starts and I have BOT meeting once a month and usually a class or workshop or overtime throws itself in as well!

Managed to finish cleaning out the girls' room yesterday - nice sparkling clean instead of the rubbish tip it has looked like for the last few months. Next up is my desk and surrounding area, another big job ...