Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday = Weigh In Day

... and once again I'm UNDER that 70kg mark (69.6), now lets see if I can actually keep it there - forever! I've been up and down over that mark so many times over the last couple of months ... very very frustrating. But then again, its all up to me!

Thanks for the comments on the shoes, Andrew - I looked at Runners Warehouse and other places in the States, nobody is allowed to ship Asics overseas, bummer. I do have some good internet friends who would be happy to send me some, so I might still go down that track - I think it is free shipping to them, and then I can just pay the postage to send them to me, I'm not sure I'll bother this time (mostly because I've left it too late, but also I do like to support local shops - its tough enough out there for them) ... I just need to suck it up! One thing for sure, when stop over at LA on our way back from London I plan on finding a good outlet mall and stocking up on shoes and running gear! As for the $ - that is NZ$, which at the moment = US$190.00 for a new pair of shoes ... got to pay for living in paradise ;)

Now, please don't think I'm whining! Its just a fact of life ... without going into great detail, because its long, boring and you don't really want to know, DH's company owe him quite a bit of money - and that money is our trip money, plus would-be shoe money ... we're better off than lots of people at least we'll (hopefully!) get that money and meanwhile we're not too badly off ... just the little extras get a bit harder, but as my DH keeps saying, I've got my good ole positive thinking (he says Hippy) attitude going :)

Also when I write my best selling book about becoming a marathon runner, I want to remember all these wee hic-ups - so anybody who is reading, gets to read the boring, whiny stuff! LOL

Today is my lovely rest day, which I take very seriously ... the kids and I are going to a local adventure park for a picnic and then to the pools - it's my last Friday off work so we'll make the most of it!

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