Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I might have talked him into it!

Our young (14yo) Cameron is a bit of a sporting nut, he has played in the JPL (Junior Premier League) age group soccer team for a few years, and the rep soccer team. He is captain of the rep cricket team, and usually a bowler, but like last Saturday, couldn't bowl so did a fine job as a wicket keeper and then carried through the team to a win with a 25NO batting, which aren't his usual positions, for the college team. He is one of those lucky beings who is just naturally co-ordinated and usually naturally fit. This cricket season he keeps injuring himself, so when he came back from his last tournament a couple of weeks ago I said I reckon he needs to work on his fitness, so he's been going out for a run a few days a week - just 2-3ks. (This is also the kid who came, i think it was 2nd, in his high school 1500m last year, with no running training at all ... then moaned that he "only" came 6th out of 8th in the interschool - as in Wellington region - 1500m, um hello Cameron? most of those kids train and work hard to get in those races!).

So today, as he left for his run, I looked at the clock and when he came back, looked again ... 2.3km - 11min, sheesh, I've worked darn hard to break 5.30ish/km, he's breaking 5min! So, I had a thought ... how about you run the 5km race on Sunday Cam? I think I've almost persuaded him to, I'm really interested to see how he would go. I might even buy him a cheap pair of running shoes, because he's not even running in proper sneakers at the moment ... sheesh.

I'd love him to get into proper running, he is small, all muscle and really light ... but his first loves will always be soccer and cricket, so I haven't got much hope, I can keep trying though!

As for me - 5km this morning, 27:27, my legs feel great. They were sore after Sunday's long run on Sunday - a bit stiff yesterday but some delivering on my bike and a spin class last night seemed to have cured them and they felt great this morning. 10km first up in the morning!

Righty, I'm back at work, so this is a 1am entry ... I should get to bed and have some beauty sleep before I wake up at 7-8ish for my run!

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  1. Looks like you have a bit of a speed demon on your hands!