Saturday, January 2, 2010

Following everyone else - 2009 running totals

I finished the Couch to 5k programme in January, then went straight into a 10km training programme, looking back I'm impressed at how I pushed myself to the next step, even before winning the spot prize in June I was pushing pushing to run a bit further and a bit faster :)

Surprisingly, I ran a total of 1416km (880 miles), not bad at all for a total beginner. Jan-June I ran 38-47 miles and only 3 days per week, in June I was suddenly going to run a marathon so the miles picked up in July and picked up again in Aug/Sept as I started serious half marathon training. By October I was running 5 days a week, and still am.

As for today -

2nd week of half marathon training.

7.9km - 44:50

Tomorrow is Sunday, long run day, I'll be running approximately 14km and for the first time running with a running buddy. She is a mother from gymnastics who has run one marathon and is training for her second one, she lost her training buddy and asked if I wanted one, her marathon is a couple of weeks before mine so it should work well. She is aiming for a 4:30 time as well and it sounds like we run about the same pace ... so should work out well. Not sure I'm ready to switch from my solo with my ipod runs, but I'm very aware that the long runs over the next couple of months are going to get harder and that I'm probably going to appreciate it further down the track!

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