Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another 5km

I know I have to follow the programme, I know the programmes work, and I am following it like a good girl (even if I am adding in a spin class or two) ... but these 5k runs seem so small! Remind of this when I'm complaining about too much running in a month or two ;)

I missed blogging yesterday, didn't even think about it! Probably because not much was really happening yesterday, just a quiet day at home with time to plan meals, plan the shopping list, do the shopping and help Rhiannon with her paper run.

I ran my 8km training run in the morning - 44:35. I'm looking forward to running a 10k, I don't seem to have done that distance for a while, I'm not sure I can keep my 8k speed up for 10k - if I can, my 10k times should be looking good. I've got 10k on the programme on Sunday but will probably run that with Dee. I think I have another one mid week next week, that one will be a good indication of how I'm doing. 23rd of January I'm running the Paekakariki Road Race ... I grew up in Paekakariki, its a sleepy little seaside village, I can remember watching/cheering my Dad and sister on up at our front gate. The race stopped quite a few years ago, then a couple of years ago the local Harriers club decided to ressurect it as a memorial run for one of the long faithful members who came from there. Anyway, at this stage five of us girls (out of six) are definitely going to run or walk it ... I think we're going to enter under our maiden name just for sentimental sake, hopefully we can talk the oldest sister who lives a couple of hours away into coming down and at least walking the 5km option ... it would be cool to have all of us do it.

Today's 5km I pushed myself to see how fast I could do it and knocked 20sec off my last fastest time - yay! go me! 27:10 ... according to my Nike+ the circuit is always 4.9something, according to Map my Run it is 5.06km ... not a huge difference unless you're looking at per km times ... 5:22 sounds so much better than 5:29! There is no way I could have kept that pace up for much longer though ... I'm still a long long way from comfortably running continuously and easily below 6:00 all the time ... but definitely getting there!

Right, off to clean up some clutter and do some very exciting vacuuming!


  1. hi! you've just got another follower! good stuff...btw..your weight is pretty similar to getting rid of 4.5kg weight!

  2. Those are some speedy times! YOu'd leave me in the dust. :)