Sunday, January 31, 2010

I like the "Step Back" week

Today's run was "only" 14.5km ... amazing how it really did feel like just a normal training run, who would have thought!

14.6km - 1:27, I felt great the whole way. Dee wasn't available this morning so I ran on my own and managed to keep my pace down to an easy to breathe, keeping running easy and steady ... about 6min/km. I'm hoping I can feel that good and keep a nice pace like that for the half marathon I'm going to run in a few weeks.

Next week picks up - 6.5km/11km/6.5km mid-week runs and 11km/22km weekend runs, bring it on! Next week also brings the start of school and a new (or the old?) routine. Well, actually it will be new. Last year I was getting up early(ish) and running before the kids went to school, after a lot of thought I've decided to do my runs after I've dropped them off, except Tuesdays which I'll still try to do early. This is mainly due to the fact that I had too many scary drives home from work last year where I was just way too tired to be behind the wheel. So, even though it means losing part of my day, I'm planning on making myself sleep in until about 8.00am on Wed/Thurs/Fri (work days). Up at 8.00am, dressed, quick breakfast, quick tidy up of the house and then drop the kids off and go for my run. Wednesdays I'm going to try and run and then get to the 10.30am Synergy class at the gym (stretching/yoga/pilates) ... makes for a busy rest of the day fitting in delivering and grocery shopping, but its also looking like a free after school day (no dancing, sports practices or gymnastics) so I might just have to drag the kids with me grocery shopping then. Thursday's won't be so bad, its a shorter run day and usually a free during the day day, I'll run then do whatever delivering I've got to do and should still have time to shower and eat before school finishes.

Hopefully it will all work in ... next week we'll find out!

School goes back on Tuesday, so tomorrow (Monday) we'll do our last holiday blast with a round of mini-golf, the pools and probably McDonalds for lunch. The kids have been pretty good all holidays, especially the last week or two when I've been working extra hours, its been hot, and they've been stuck at home entertaining each other!

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