Saturday, January 16, 2010

She wears shorts

Who would have believed it? ... I've progressed from baggy shin length, cover everything capri sort of pants, to running tights, capri length with a pair of shorts over the top to now wearing my new Skins (thank you family, excellent Christmas gift!) which only just go to below my shorts and while I'm running definitely only peep out from below my shorts. Who would have believed I'd feel okay about running around the local streets in shorts. Okay, I still hate my knees, even if I was a thin size 8-10 I'd still hate my knees, I also have striped tan marks ... capri length tight marks, then biking pants (just above the knees) marks ... I'm not a good advertisement for tanned legs - not unless you like the striped look ;) Oh and by the way, does anyone else have knees that actually bend backwards? It's quite a party trick when people start talking about double joints, I'm not sure whether I've come across anyone else with that strange ability... wonder if it makes them stronger or weaker, I assume the ligaments are looser ... something to ponder!

10km run this morning - 56:32, and whooooaaaaaa remember there was no wind the other day? Well, I'm picking that is because the strong northerly was turning around to a strong southerly and I was lucky enough to run while it was inbetween doing nothing, cuz today the wind had definitely turned, so it was a hard first half ... but nice second half - I'd much rather be blown home! But gosh, come on summer! I expect wind in October and November, in another life I was a pretty serious smallbore rifle target shooter, we did most of our serious trials in October and November and it was always windy, but by this time of year it had settled - January shooting was usually much easier. I wouldn't mind seeing some stats somewhere to see if it has been more windy this month than usual. As an aside, at one of the 10k runs I ran a few months ago we ran past one of the indoor shooting ranges and I could hear them shooting, I couldn't help thinking that sport was sooooo much easier (I mean, really, what is better than a sport where you lie down to do it! LOL).

Anyway, I'm obviously in a rambly mood - it's Saturday here today (one day I will work out how to change my blog time so it matches NZ time), Cameron is playing cricket at the high school so we'll probably go and watch some of that (the high school have put together a U15 team to play an invitation U15 side from Sydney). The girls could be playing, but I'm revolting against the club who has decided its okay to start Saturday morning cricket for the school kids when it is still a good two weeks until they go back to school, I mean come on, this is the only time of year we get a break - I'm queen of juggling, but I'm not ready to start doing it again quite yet!

I need to get my head together to start planning some Stampin' Up workshops and classes ... I've been putting it off - but being organised now will really pay off in a few weeks - I have some new stamps to play with so will hopefully get time to do that this afternoon. Also got about an hour of delivering to do, I'll go out just before dinner to do that.

Tomorrow I've got 17.5km to run - I'm not sure whether I'm looking forward to it or not ... it seems a long time since I've run that far, and definitely haven't run that far the day after running 10k, I think I'm looking forward to having it done!

Have a good weekend everyone!